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organiser for medical stuff

Right, I know I'm a saddo but I wanted to share this with you coz I'm quite excited. I have found a fabby product called ""The handbag organiser"" by Tintamar. It's sooooo fab and comes in loads of different shapes and colours. Great for keeping OMRON Microair, Nebs, Epipens and hydrocortisone etc. I've got a very bright pink organiser and I love it. Was struggling to locate everything in my handbag, esp with the recent addition of my hydrocortisone regime due to adrenal insufficiency. This keeps everything together and has loads of pockets so I know I can find things easily in an emergency.

Just wanted to share with you !!

It's worth a look. I got mine on Amazon

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Looks good, though I am trying to reduce the volume in my bag at the mo......... oh and have just accidentally ordered a proper bag - Cath Kidtson one to replace the rucksack I usually drag around.




Cath Kidson bag. Ooh. Very swish !


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