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Medic Alert -- Sponsorship Info

I know I have mentioned my necklace and membership fee's are sponsored!

Well they will help people on limited incomes!

Below is a quote from their printable form!

""""As a registered charity, MedicAlert

can provide free or subsidised

membership to individuals on a

limited income. Please contact our

Membership Services Department on

freephone 0800 581 420 for details.""""

""""They will only sponsor the basic bracelets and necklaces!""

I hope this helps someone at least as they been excellent with mine!

Even when I developed the diabetes they actually produced a 2nd emblem so everything important was on ONE disc and they sponsored the 2nd necklace too!

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Bumping this so people who have asked me via PM can see it :)

If u are on a limited income please dont think u cant afford something that will save your life one day - Speak to Medic Alert !!


I have to admit that until you said i was unaware that there was a chance of getting sponsorship.

With both myself and my daughter Chloe needing one i am considering approaching them even if its sponsorship for just one of us it will help alot.

Although i dont get benefits hubby doesnt earn alot and money is a big issue for us.

Thanks for letting us know.


This is their website address:


Cheers Donna will get in touch with them when membership is nearly due for renewal for me which i think is April , Chloes wont be until Oct.


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