I am suffering very badly from the pred munchies tonight added to by the munchie effects of the other meds i am on and the fact that i have left hubby to shop means there is nothing to eat in the house. Hubby has convieniently gone to dinner with a client and the shop overe the road has closed for the night (they kindly deliver it to me if they are open.) I may have to eat the chilli salsa chrisps which give me heartburn.HHHHEEEELLLLPPPP Chrissie

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  • Tell me about it!

    OMG my pred munchies are ridiculous. I'm currently writing an essay with the most enormous packet of shortcake biscuits. Shall i send u one!? Had a massive dinner and haven't really stopped eating all day! Or all week for that matter. Seems to be the mad pred munchy wk!

    Hope u find some food soon.


  • To All Who Have The Munchies.

    Get it down you. You'll feel much happier with some Dorito's and a king sized Mars Bar in your belly.

    Chin up.

    Fluffy. x x x

  • I've just finished pred munching my FIRST Chocolate Bunny of the day (gold coloured wrapper with a cute little bell round the neck).

    Am now looking at the other one -there are loads left in the shops! - and it looks a bit frightened!



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