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Justy's trip to the consultant

well it was very exciting peeps, they (like me and my gp and everyone else) think that my breathing problems are probably due to something other than asthma, because my peakflow is stable, and i don't wheeze or cough (exept for the chest infection i have at the moment), i'm just breathless constantly, and really exhausted.

they've done a load of blood tests, and they also did an echo (ultrasound on my heart) coz they were worried about something called pulmonary artery hypertension, but that's clear, an d my heart is fine thankfully.

now i have to go back for lung function and allergy tests and other stuff i can't remember.. then hopefully we'll have some answers when i go back in 6 weeks.

thanks for all your good wishes, i hope i won't be hounded off the boards if they decide that its not my asthma thats making me ill!

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nah justy, you'll never be hounded off, (esp by me) as your such a great person. i hope the docs can confirm whats happening, but remember not ever asthmatic wheezes, i do on occasion but it isnt every time.

good luck in your lung function and best of wishes


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