i have been asked to do something - all views interprited

i go to a group for girls on a monday night. as i am the only asthmatic there (apart from the leader). as we go on weekends away and things they have asked me to say what asthma is and everything. i have absolutly no idea what to say so i was wonderng if anyone could help me please bacause if its a good enough presentation and everything they want me to say it to all of their clubs.

all help wanted please and thank you.

Jess x

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  • What a good idea. Perhaps more organisations should do this. As a way of explaining, the leaflets produced by AUK are very good. The AUK leaflets are free by the way. Perhaps they'd send a bundle if you explained what they were for.

    Best wishes and let us know how it goes.

  • yes but instead of the leaflets i kind of wanted peoples views on it so that i am saying what they want to be heard and not what is in the leaflets.

    Jess x

  • Hi jems20,

    what a very good idea and a brill chance to educate people to. Try looking under ""what you can do"" tab at the top of the page . look under ?raising awareness title, and you will find info and contact numbers on asthma uk offering training sessions to help you deal with giving talks to groups. You could even just ring up and chat to them im sure they will be helpful and can guide you in the right direction. someone else mentioned the asthma uk leaflets, also you could print off some of the relevant pdfiles on the site.

    Good luck, let us know how you get on.


  • thank you very much for your help. i will let you know how it goes but do you have any views on the subject that you would like to point out and be said because i have to arange activities for 2 hours and things so if you would like anything to be said then just post it on here r inbox me f you would rather.

    Jess x

  • what a great opportunity for getting across to those who dont know what asthma is or what it feels like to live with it. speak from your experience as well a mix of general info about how many people are affected in the uk etc and you will do great.good luck xxx

  • Maybe people on here could offer a quote on 'their life with asthma' so you have 'real life stories' - is this the kinda thing you were after?

  • yeah thats kind of the idea so if you tell me a real life story then thats a nice idea thank you.

    thank you!!!

    Jess x

  • do something

    I would be happy to share my experience with asthma if that helps


  • I also would be happy to share my experiences of asthma as well.

  • yes that would be nice i mean if youd rather not say on here as i say you can inbox me if youd rather.

    Jess x

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