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asthma not too good :(

i felt it coming all of last week and then on friday boom it flared. that was just what i needed then one of the boys that i work with jumped on my chest and that really didnt help. then on saturday i had a swimming gala and boy was that the wrong thing to do. on sunday i had a major attack but no ambulance or hospital thankfullly. today its monday and i have been really tight chested and not so good, coughing a lot and just not feeling right.

i dont know what to do as its kind of ruling my life at the moment and this is the worst i have ever been so any help would be greatly appreciated.

thanks Jess x

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U need to get reviewed by a dr. I was seen on Saturday pred increased and crashed today. In saying that asthma been misbehaving for weeks so knew itbwas gonna happen


yeah i have my review next tuesday :( so we will just have to wait until then but i am not much better today and i had to miss swimming this morning and i dont know about this evening and then there is two lots of swimming tomorrow and 100 mins of pe :(

Jess x


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