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Newbie struggling :-(

Hi all, It's my first post here so I hope I've put it in the right place.

I was diagnosed with Asthma and Salicylate intolerance 6 months ago and I've certainly had my ups and downs getting my head round it all.

My problem at the moment started on sunday. I was out in the freezing cold all day and was very breathless and coughing continually and got little relief from my inhaler (symbicort) This continued on mon and tues, but I put it down to being out in the cold shopping. I haven't slept since sunday and overnight on tuesday I developed a temperature that paracetamol doesn't really touch. I saw a GP where I work yesterday morning who said I have a chest, ear and throat infection, a temp of 38 after taking paracetamol. I was prescribed steroids and antibiotics.

I seem to get relief from the wheezing and coughing for a few hours after I take the steroids but then it comes back as bad as ever. I can't lie down because I can't breathe and I'm exhausted.

I'm sorry for such a long post but I guess I'm just after some advice really. I have never had this happen before and I'm scared. Do I need to be a bit more patient and give the medication time to work? At what point do I need to go back to the doctor? Thank you for reading.

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Hi Claire,

Welcome to the forum. I'm afraid we can't give medical advice and if you are feeling really breathless and your reliever isnt helping, you should call the out of hours doctor's service. Have you checked your peak flow? if it is well below your usual reading and you are really struggling you should get medical help.

Chest infections can make you feel really awful, but you should go back to your GP if things don't improve in the next few days. Don't hesitate to ask to be checked over - we practically camp out at our surgery when my son is ill! Good luck and I hope things improve for you quickly.


Welcome Clair80. would get checked out again tomorrow.dont hesetate to go A nE if meds not helping.Take care Love Glynis X


Thank you for your reply. Sorry I didn't mean to ask for medical advice as such, just if in anyones experience I should be getting some relief from the meds by now as I've never had this before, or if I'm being impatient.

I will be going to my GP in the morning I think, although they have provided absolutely no support to me at all so I don't have much faith in them,but I don't think I can be too picky at the mo. Thanks again.


Hi Claire.

I'm new to asthma too and struggling also to get on top of it. I was diagnosed at the end of August after ending in hospital after quite a nasty chest and lung infection. Since then been battling to get on top of it and have been on steroids on and off continously. When I left hospital, the hospital sent discharge papers to my GP surgery, from there I asked for an appointment with a nurse. You could ask your surgery if you can have an appointment to see a nurse, then mention that you have been diagnosed with asthma to him/her and tell them your concerns.

Having an Asthma Nurse is so beneficial to me, mine has been fantastic. I now monitor my peak flow everyday, write down a list of triggers as things that didnt bother me before, do now! It's bizarre really, every day I find out something new, makes life interesting that's for sure! But when my peak flow dipped down the other week when the cold weather kicked in, I phoned and asked her to phone me as was a bit worried. She asked me to do my peak flow whilst I was on the phone, it was still low so advised me what to do and said she'd phone me the next day to check on me. I'm really glad I have her as otherwise both myself and my other half would be beside ourselves.

When I have been rough, I have tended to curl up on the sofa with warm blankets so I'm relaxed but not laid down. Also when out in the cold, my nurse told me to try and keep a scarf over my mouth and nose where possible to avoid the cold getting into my system. Not sure if it helps, everyone is different I guess. Which probably makes asthma even more confusing! Take care.xxx


Hi Debs, Thank you for your reply. I have also been diagnosed with Salicylate intolerance which until now had far more of an impact on my life than the asthma and I have had to make huge changes to my life because of that, and stupidly the asthma side of it seemed pretty insignificant. Obviously I now realise I have to take more care and not ignore the early signs as I end up feeling awful-as I still do now.

I did go to my GP when I was first diagnosed and he had received a letter form my consultant that explained eveything on it and requested follow up for my asthma but as he had never heard of Salicylate intolerance he said it was very unlikely that I that I had it and I shouldn't listen to the consultant and just 'get on with it'! So I have not felt able to go back there since which is why I have ended up in this state now.

Thank you for your advice and I have been keeping myself well wrapped up and my scarf is going everywhere with me from now on! x


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