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searching the forums??

Um, does anyone know if there is a way of searching the forums for past topics/messages. Other than scrolling through them all until you find something relevant!

There is a couple of things recently I've wanted to check on and know they have been discussed here before so dont want to post a new question - but can't find a way of doing a search....

prob v obvious and just me being computer illiterate.


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Unfortunately there is no search facility at present. We are hoping that there might possibly perhaps be one coming along soon.....




Thankyou Cathbear - at least I know I'm not just being dim!

will get scrolling!!!!



I agree it does become a hassle scrolling dow through page after page of everything. The most recent ones visited in the discussion home page is useful though but perhaps there could be more on that page.

Ange xx


The people responsible for developing the board are planning to add a facility that shows you which threads have been posted to since your last visit, along with a search facility and a few other things. I think they completely underestimated the amount of use that this board gets...


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