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Oh No! ... as if allergies weren't enough

Just come across this:

""Millions of people who suffer from chronic allergies to pets, dust and spores are up to three times more likely to develop Parkinson’s disease later in life, research suggests. A study by US scientists has shown that sufferers of allergic rhinitis, a condition that causes symptoms of having a “permanent cold”, appear to be at much greater risk of the degenerative neurological condition. The research, which explored possible links between conditions that cause inflammation and the breakdown of brain cells, found a marked increase in cell death in rhinitis sufferers'""

apparently was in the Times and the Daily Mail

Bye Bye brain cells .......

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Thanks for that, now gives me another reason to worry about my sons future health :(


I know what you mean Julie that was my feeling precisely for Chloe. Mum very kindly(not )pointed out it was the case for me as well but not even going to think abaout it . i saw my grandfather(luckily not biologically related) deteriorate with Parkinsons , its a horrible disease.


Yeah, that article has really upset me (selfishly for myself as dont have kids, sorry), but this just seems one more horrible thing to have to worry about.

or maybe the asthma will get me first so I dont have to worry about my brain disintegrating :(

sorry, in one of those moods.


I've decided not to think about it at all - guess we are all going to die one day - hoping they will have sorted things by the time my daughter gets to that age! Terrible though isn't it!


I have adopted a if I worried about everything that might kill me I would not set foot out of the door attitude. I have both Altzimers and Parkinsons in the family although not close reletives (great great aunts and uncles). I focus on today and now. There is nothing I can do about this if it is meant to be it is meant to be. And should I be one of the unlucky ones then I want to have done as much as can and been as happy as I can before the inevitable happens. Live for today and no regrets.



This is a very interesting thread because it goes some way to support the view that allergies do affect us more seriously than can be explained by straight forward antibody-mediated reactions.

There is a school of thought that believes there may well be a link between allergies and learning/behaviour disorders like dyslexia, hyperlexia and ADD/ADHD. I think it would be interesting to learn how many children who fit this description are actually clinically tested for allergies, probably very few.

Links between allergies and brain fogging, poor levels of concentration, giddiness, depression, anxiety attacks, hyper-activity, to name but a few, have been well documented in books about allergies, chemical sensitivity and food sensitivity/intolerance. Tartazine s.p. (food additive) is one infamous substance know to cause behavioural changing characteristics in children. Smarties (confectionary) are also well known for causing hyperactivity in children.

You will know doubt be familiar with the phrase “mad as a hatter”. This phrase was coined in the 19th century to describe hat makers who were often delirious/delusional due to the inadvertent inhalation of fumes given off from the glues/fabric hardeners used in the hat making process. This is just another clear example of symptoms caused by chemical sensitivity/wide field allergy.

It would appear that orthodox scientists maybe at last wakening up to the fact that allergies to common substances cause far more complex health issues than bleary eyes, runny nose and a wheezy chest.



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