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Business style information card

Hi all. I am in the process of making myself a 'business card' to go in my purse with all important info on. I am not so sure I want a medic alert bracelet at the mo but thought this was sensible esp with a paramedic incident recently who clearly didn't know much about brittle asthma!

So far I have my name, DOB and address on the front with brittle asthmatic (or should I just write severe asthmatic as not every1 knows about brittle?) and my common symptoms during an attack. On the other side I have meds, emergency contact, GP and consultant? I have a steroid card too.

What do you guys have on yours? Or do you have an alternatives that work when communication is tricky during an attack!

Any ideas/advice would be much appreciated.

Thank you

Em x

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Hi emily,

Can't help too much as I'm very lucky and don't need carry anything like that (altho i do have something in my purse from AUK, just incase) but as for your question about putting sereve or brittle, why not put severe and brittle in brackets next to it? That why if someone doesn't know what brittle is, they'll know your bad from the term sereve and if you do get someone who knows they'll see by the bit in brackets.

Otherwise I'd say (with my little knowledge) that you've got everything someone in an emergency would need, perhaps if you have any allergies like latex etc... that could be helpful maybe?



In my handbag, in my neb bag, by the front door, on the mantle, in every coat pocket there is envelope with ""Brittle Asthmatic please call 999 and hand this to the medics"" inside is a copy of letter from cons and a printed sheet with details of my current medication, my allergies plus the ""crisis"" protocol and my NoK contact. I could not get all that info on a business card and costas are always deeply impressed. It has the added bonus that should my lungs clamp down in the street I have someway of communicating I am not drunk or insane and that yes I do need an ambulance.

Also when my drugs change it is easy to just edit the sheey.



Hi Emily,

I've also made myself a business card with all my details of name, address, meds etc, and worst allergies.However I think it would be very useful for you to put 'SEVERE ASTHMATIC title first in red, then brittle after main title. That's what is on my card. Most people wouldn't understand the word 'brittle' in relation to asthma, even some paramedics, as you have already experienced. Make sure you list your doc's name and tel no.

I've also put in brackets after each med e.g. anapen, -where to find that med. Mostly all say 'handbag' I've got a very big handbag!

But I have to say I always, well usually always, wear my medic alert bracelet. Even when I can't talk, I can usually wave my wrist! I also carry a steroid card, and blood card too.




great idea

thats a really good idea il try it good thinking but i havent got a handbag ;-) lol


Asthma Card


For the less severe asthmatics, AUK produces a pocket card called the Asthma card.

If you go to the home page. (top leftish in green on this page) you will see it!

I think you can write your basic details etc on it.

I have a medic alert bracelet, the card to go with it and also I have an A5 protocol, printed both sides with all my emergency details on incl drugs, emergency treatment for the parapanics and scared looking A&E Docs.

I have it on my computer, can update when needed and print lots off to stuff in various places!



Thank you

Christine, bex, mia and Kate thanks very much for your replies...will incorporate all you've suggested. Mia...will look in2 bracelet but still in a bit of denial (daft i know) with it all and thought having card in purse was step in the right direction without me seeing it all the time!!! Recently I have been with friends/bf who know my asthma and can relay to medics if i'm avin difficulty. Last big attack made me realise that trying to list ure meds/details to medics is quite challenging and would be easier if i had them written down!

Em xx

PS kate i like ure parapanics term lol!!


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