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another chest infection

hello everybody i am new to this site, but i need some advice please. iam 43 years old and have asthma since i was four, but in the last 2 years i have had loads of chest infections, i seem to have been on antibiotics constantly, i am on them at present and had some last week, i have never been troubled by chest infections before and i was wondering if this was normal or is it a sign that my asthma is getting worse. i would welcome any advice , as i am fed up of being poorly and my doctors dont seem to care they just keep giving me tabs and no explanation. sorry about the rant just a bit fed up of been ill. thanks

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Hello Jilly,

I'm 39 and have only had asthma for the last 2 years. This winter has been the same for me. In october I had a chest infection and it turned to bronchitis and again in Noveember it happened again then February and again last month. All I seem to get is more antibiotics and steriods all the time. This last time I even got a lovely green inhaler to add to my blue and brown one. In all I was on 19 tablets a day and 16 puffs from my inhalers a day!

I am just fed up with having a bad chest or just having pain when I sit and breath.

I have now completed all my tablets but still can't do much in the way of work as I get out of breath and it hurts then to breath.

Not a good life is it!

I hope you can relate to this and it shows your not alone with it all.

bye Donna



thank you for your reply , yes i feel just the same, never feel well going to scarborough on monday and my chest feels so tight ,dont no wether to go to docs monday morning or see if antibiotics kick in ,only been taking them since yesterday but only finished last course on thursday. what does anyone think, dont want to be a nuisence at docs, but also dont want to spoil kids holidays by going to docs while i am there. thanks again jillian


Hi jilly,

sorry to hear you've had such a rough time. Are the antibiotics the same as the course u just finished? Have you tried boosting your diet with some multi vits?




don't ever feel that you are being 'trouble' for going to your doc and saying that you don't feel well and the tablets are not working. If you don't say it they won't know! Tell them that the infection seems to be constantly there and are the antibiotics working?? Do you need a stronger dose? Do you need a different antibiotic? They should be thinking of this but due to time and pressure it's too easy to treat each visit in isolation and not look at the bigger pressure. Ask for a review and get them to explain what they are doing with the antibiotics etc. Often once you know things improve..... the power of your mind is very strong. if you are worried about being poorly and feeling ill then it often makes things worse. Chronic chest infections are a pain in more ways than one.

Hope you are feeling better and that this comes accross in the right way.... docs are great and they have always done things right by me but if you are not feeling well tell them :-)

BW Mark


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