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hot weather

i am going to Greece on the 26th of this month and there is a heatwave there at moment, does anybody think it will make my chest go stupid been to see doc today got another chest infection and asked doc what she thought about wather in Greece and she said she didn't know wt would happen and to wait and see, only wondering if other people have been in a heatwave and how their chests have behaved

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i just got back from greece well kos actually last night and tho pfs were low over there chest wasn't to bad tho was bad flying home and needed green men at airport in manchester once landed and in airport but over there was fine just take plenty sun cream and don't do much its to hot for that. i struggled in airconditioning that was effective as hotel wasn't really so stay out of cold air and you should b ok.

u can always pm me if you want.


Hi Jillywiily

I recently went on hols to New York & Florida. In NY my chest was fine, but I seemed to struggle more in Florida, not so much with the heat but the humidity was unbearable at times, but I managed ok with my reliever on hand.

Hope you have a wonderful time!!!


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