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morning all hppe evrryone is ok. just been reading about chat room, thought i would put my name on here for facebook then whoever has facebool we could get to know one another bettter and chat to eavh other. my name is jillian marshall my ptofile picture is me and my hubby on our wedding day. please feel free. to add me would be lovly to seee who we are talkimg to . xxxxxxxxxxz

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  • morning Jillian

    i shall go and add you now, look for a friend request from Geina Morgan :) my pic is of my 2yo asleep on me. or maybe later when FB lets me back in!

    Geina xx

    EDIT cause FB is messed up!

  • Hi Jillian,

    I sen you a friend request (at least I hope it's you!) on fb....

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