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asthma attacks at school - leading to brain damage

My daughter was recently on a schhol trip and had asthma attacks on and off for 12 hours. Despite my daughter coughing a lot and being to ill to participate in events the teachers did not get any medical assistance - untill they were told to call anambulance .

Unfortunatly on arrival at the hospital my lovely 10 year old daughter suffereed a major heart attack caused by accumulative oxygen deprevation caused by over 12 hours of asthma attacks.

The heart attack caused her heart to stop for 9 minutes during which time her brain was starved of oxygen, leaving her with savere brain damage - she cannot walk or talk or speak or move.

Has anyone else had ths kind of experiance or a simular event ? - I would like to hear from you - I need to ensure this kind of incident does not happen again

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Hello Paul,

I am so sorry to hear what has happened to your daughter.

I would however like to reasure people reading this post that this is very rare.

There must have been severe neglect on behalf of the school staff for this to happen.

Are you in the UK? Have you spoken to anyone at Asthma UK about this as they do have information and advise schools on management of asthma in a school environment which should include trips. I think they should be made aware of this.

I would hope that this type of thing never happens again either.



Hi Paul,

This is horrific and should never happen again. I wish you all the luck with following this up. Speak to the guys at Asthma Uk and go from there.

Best wishes.



Dear Paul

I have just read your post, and I am truely sorry about what has happened to your daughter, and the obvious distress it has caused you and your family. Perhaps when the time is right you can use your story to prevent it happening to someone else's child.

In the meantime I hope that your daughter gets the right therapies and support so that she can still enjoy life.

My thoughts are with you.



Hi Paul I just read your post again it is heart renching I am so sorry for what happened to your daughter and your family good luck in your future and I hope you and your family can still bring much happiness in your daughters precuios life

loads of love and hugs to you all



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