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Scared Of Attack - Need Better Management - Help Please

I am 45 and a reasonably serious Mountain Biker.

When I get a period of wheezing I have no regime to cope so just limit exercise to zero and wait it out with my Salbutamol and Becotide puffers.

This recent hot weather has been no friend of mine and has stopped my doing anything as I feel like I am drowning in my own phlegm and can't get enough air to clear my throat never mind climb 1000 feet up a rocky hill on a bike.

I want to be able to stop the wheezing and let me ride in all conditions. Can anyone advise?

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hi jorf,

it sounds like you need a proper asthma management plan to start with. if you have a specialist he should have given you 1 already but clearly hasn't so you need to ask for one. if you don't have a specialst then see your gp for an asthma management plan. it should include signs and symptoms to look out for, a range of peak flows to aim to keep within, what to do if your normal meds aren't lasting as long as usual or you're needing to take more of them, what to do in an emergency and when to get medical attention.

have you tried dosing up on salbutamol about half an hour before setting out on your bike? it could be worth a try as it helps many with exercise enduced asthma.

let us know how you get on.



hi :)

actually started riding a bike again a few months ago for the first time in 40 years lolol....not serious mountain biking..just biking along the newly rejuvenated canal tow paths in central scotland...have now started dosing on salbutamol before i venture out on my wee a few weeks ago really thought i was going to end up having to call an ambulance after 3 miles cycling against the wind ..chest was so tight it was hard to get a breath..but after about 3 or 4 puffs on my inhaler was able to breath again and didnt have to call for the paramedics..thank goodness!! advice to you if you want to take it is to make sure you have a few puffs on your inhaler a good 30 mins before you go far its worked for me,, keeping my fingers crossed that it keeps working!


Pro-Active Control Has Been Started

Went to the docs today and have a peak flow meter, more puffers and some syrup (Carbocisteine) with no instructions on when to take it or how much!

Once I feel in control as opposed to the other way round I will get back to riding up mountains and falling off on the way back down!

My peak flow is currenly 650 which is getting towards my usual of 700 ish I will be charting it to tell what irritants and allergens if any cause the wheeze and then take preventative action. If it turns out to be tree pollen I will start a worldwide deforestation!!!

Thanks for your replies


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