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A bit down

I saw my GP today as my asthma is horrible at the moment. I was even breathless in the shower and getting dressed this morning and am tired after an hour. He's changed my antibiotics but has told me to go back to work on light duties on Thursday (my sick note runs out on Wednesday) - I don't understand - my asthma is the worst it's been and I really don't feel strong enough emotionally or physically because where I work they aer not nice to me.

A rather tearful Em

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Sorry to hear you're feeling down. Asthma isn't a nice disease and it's perfectly normal to get a bit down at times when you're ill.

Have you thought about maybe seeing a different GP? GPs are very busy and some tend to be better than others. My practice has one with a special interest in asthma who is absolutely lovely. If your asthma is that bad it sounds like you might need some more treatment. If you don't feel like seeing your GP you could book an appt with your asthma nurse, they are great and often have a bit more time to chat.

With regards to your work colleagues have you considered explaining how your asthma affects you? often these things tend to be the result of ignorance. There is such a huge variantion in severity within the asthmatic population that some people may assume everyone is at the milder end.

hope this helps- just some ideas,

feel free to PM me if you want,



Thanks for your kindness.

I really don't relish going back on Thursday as they are so female dogy where I work.



Sorry to hear you are down, asthma is bad and it does not help when employers do not understand it.

Love Carole x


Thanks Gifted

Feeling even more down now that my boyfriend has just dumped me because I couldn't go out every day due to being too ill ;(


hi em,

sorry to hear you're having a tough time at the moment and I hope you feel better very soon, feel free to pm me any time if you feel like a chat, I know how hard it can be when your asthma stops you from doing things I have the same problem constantly just remeber that we are all here for you


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