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Exercising with peak flow 300!

Hi to all, I'm new to this site. I couldn't exercise last year as I constantly had a cough and tight chest. On top of my inhalers, I have now been on Montelukastfor a coupleof months and I definitely feel more energised and less tired. Not wishing to be beaten like last year I have embarked on a fitness campaign in order to try and get fitter and shed some weight. I've started running a mile about 3 times a week - I managed the 5k 2 years ago but didn't run at all last year- but my peak flow is sitting in the doldrums at 300 which is so disappointing and frustrating. I can get to 350/ 360 very occasionaly so I am not at my best at the moment. The thing is shall I just carry on running with my peak flow of 300' stop taking it and stop worrying? What I mean is, since I seem to be about to exercise should I stop whinging and accept this is me?

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I think it'll all depend on how you're feeling in yourself - if you're feeling ok and it isn't too low for yourself, then I'd personally say go for it. if you're not feeling 100%, then I wouldn't risk it.

a few years ago when my peak flow was sitting around 290, I found that walking a few miles left me tight and really short of breath.


Hi Kitty43 & welcome to the forum :)

I think it all depends on how your feeling in yourself, if your managing OK on this current PF then have a go but make sure you have your inhaler with you just in case and if possible exercise for the first couple of occassions with someone with you just in case you have a bad turn. Better to be safe than sorry.

I currently can't even walk around the supermarket without keeling over and being severally SOB and using my inhaler loads - I'm generally pushed round in a loaned wheelchair by my loving fella - my PF is floating around 250/260 and at best last week got up to 300 :) first time in 3 months LOL

Let us know what you decide to do - good luck

Jilly xx


Peak flows is only one of the markers for asthma control. Go with what ur body says ... If. It feeling well physically then don't push it...


Peak flows is only one of the markers for asthma control. Go with what ur body says ... If feeling well physically then do it and see how u get on... But don't push it... If not feeling well I would skip it .....


Hoping to return to the gym after 3 months break, just feeling really nervous as i dont know what i am going to be like, had to stop was breathless and just couldnt stop coughing, but have been told i have asthma , that explains why i have been feeling so rubbish for the last 6 months, have ventolin inhaler now and after 4 weeks feeling 90% better, but worried the exercise will make me worse.

I am so happy to have my life back, thank god, i just felt so ill and tired for so long, but feeling really great now, i just dont want to risk ruining this, my peak flow varies between 320 to 400 , any advice


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