What to do?

I wrote my first message a few weeks ago regarding my asthma. I returned to the doctors, was put on another course of anti biotics ( my fourth lot ) and i am still on the steroid regime, finishing this thursday, I have needed the last two weeks off, as i was not improving, and, becoming increasingly Breathless and wheezy !! I needed to rest and recuperate!!

For the first time today i feel alot better, my peak flow is almost back to normal , but, i still find myself quite breathless whenever i do anything, particularly walking, and find my self perspiring when i do household chores, whereas yesterday, i could hardly breath when i walked two hundred yards. I am hoping that i continue to improve!!!

My Dilemma... I have two jobs, and one is working with moving and handling equipment, giving care in the community. Do i stay off a bit longer to ensure i am fit for purpose, or, go to work and hope i continue to improve anyway.

What would you peeps do?

Thanks in anticipation !!

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  • personally if I were you, I'd wait until I am fit and well and amable to do my job without putting yourself and others at risk. Rest and recouperate and then if required speak to your employers about a back to work plan if your asthma is being affected by your workplace.

    Hope you feel better soon

  • Thanks Island medic,

    Thats what i think deep down, but feel guilty that i am letting people down!

  • I've been in the same situation with feeling guilty but looking at it further I thought if I were to go back and then become bad with asthma again or not be able to help someone because of an attack it would make me feel worse.

    I understand how bad the guilt feels but honestly you're best to recover a fully as you can before going back to work.

    Take care and feel free to pm if you want to chat.

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