Hand-Hold Chain for EmH

Dear Em

Its like this: We all miss you; we all care loads about you; we all want you well and back with us soon.

Everyone: I think we may have to start a Hand-Hold Chain for Em (bit like a Mexican Wave, but electronic). I put out my hand. Someone else comes along, holds my hand and waits for another, and so on. All these hands are then linked for Em. Because we're reaching out for her, we dont stop until we reach her and she says its OK .

Here goes - My right hand is out and waiting. Who's going to hold that for Em?


PS: My hands starting in Kensington

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  • Me! I'll hold your hand Alan, what a lovely idea Alan. Em we miss you muchly, sending you huge hugs and lots of love and feel better vibes, we are all rooting for you Em, love Lois xxxx

  • Ill have your hand then lois!

    Miss you Em...Hopes you gets mucho better soon!

  • *holds emz and lois hands.*

    EmH, Get well soon. We all miss you!


  • hi

    hi alan what a good idea virtual mexican message wave

    get well soon emh i got hold of your hand Alan J with everyone elses in the chain from groovy chick

  • hi

    hi alan what a good idea virtual mexican message wave

    get well soon emh i got hold of your hand Alan J with everyone elses in the chain from groovy chick

  • Ex idea Alan but since I am so far up north... I will hold on to your left hand and start a link going back down south.

    Emily H hope you are back and well very soon !

    Love, Kisses From the Orkney Isles


  • *Holds hands* Hope you're feeling better really soon Em (sending lots of hugs) x

  • Hand-Hold Chain from Ireland

    Hi Emily H

    Hurry up and get well soon we all miss your post i look every day so see if you are back. Best wishes from across the Irish sea.


  • Hi Christina and Em

    I will hold both your hands. Thinking of you Em.


  • hi Em Hope that you are soon feeling back to your normal self thinking about you


  • holding out both hands for emh.xx

  • Thanks Alan for a lovely idea.

    Holding out both of my hands for EmilyH - thinking of you lots and hope you are back on here soon xx

  • here's my hand from the north west...

    EmH - hope you get well soon and manage to dig your escape from costa!


  • Another pair of hands from the north west... get well soon EmH

  • two arms from a bit all over the world from me...

    Get better soon =)


  • another from the north west x

  • Im down here i south east london and am ready to hold hands. Thinking of you Em

  • a pair of hands from brum! =) xxx

  • Holding you tight Emh and giving you all the hugs in the world to get well soon holding two hands out from middlesbrough hope to read a post or 10 from you soon xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Hi em - sending our love and holding out 2 pairs of hands from Nikki and Jayden, if we stretch really hard we can almost reach Nottingham (Would have been alot easier if we had moved in the summer!)

    Thinking of you everyday xxxx

  • Holding out a hand from the West Country and holding on tight. Thinking of you EM

  • Adding my hands to the chain. Get well soon. Love sadwheezer

  • Here's my hand , too!

  • here are my hands too from cornwall.

    hope you better soon

  • Great idea Alan J. Stretching out now down to Lyndsay in Cornwall (hope its warm) from South Wales (its really cold today here but dry) eek - good thing I've got long arms- just about managed it - need someone now to take ups up on further north towards Nottingham. Hoping we've all washed and de-virused our hands! (paranoid I know).

    Keep on improving Em - we love you and miss you - bet the post rate has dipped while you've been away!

    Sandi - much love and germ free hugs (honestly).

  • i'll join in from the east midlands...

    hope you feel loads better EmH - look forward to catching up when you feel up to it. got a month off before i'm allowed back to work, and might be going to nottingham for some tests, so maybe we can put faces to names at last! (i know we've been threatening it for long enough!!)

  • Adding my hands to the chain from sunny Leeds. Get well soon Em.

  • Holding out a cold hand from a chilly Newcastle, but sending lots of warm wishes to a wonderful person. Who will hold my other hand?

  • em

    hi em heard so much about you from bex feel like i no you keep fighting your reach the winning line soon honey lol rachel c

  • em

    hi em heard so much about you from bex feel like i no you so well holding both hands out from torbay lol rachel c

  • Hi there, never spoken to you directly but have read many of your posts to others always offering friendly advice. Hope you're feeling better soon!! Keep your chin up and take care xx

  • HI from st albans

    thinking of you, you are so supportive to the rest of us

    best wishes


  • BEX

    Giving Bex a hand for keeping us informed about emh Thanks bex xxx

  • another hand from Aberdeen - I'll stretch to Susy and back down to whoever is next!

    Hugs attached!


  • I'm holding out my hand to you as well Em.

    Becky I'll hold your hand you'll have less of a stretch its not too far from Newcastle to Hartlepool! :-)

  • and me ...

    Add my hand too !

    Hope your soon feeling better


  • Hi em - Holding out two pairs of hands from sunny Southampton - Claire and Ollie's - sending our love and hoping that you are feeling better soon. Take care of yourself.


  • Em, Thinking of you loads and get better soon we are all missing you!!

    Two pairs of hands from Julie and Sean in Kent :-)

    Someone grab Sean's hand quick he doesnt stand still for long ;)

  • here you go..........someone grab this friendly Scottish hand....get better soon Em :)

  • hand old for EmH

    Hi scotland, i'll reach for your hand from sunny scarborough.......hugs to Em even tho i dont know have read loads of your posts and you've been really helpful to me..get better soon

  • Hi Em

    another hand from london, I hope you feel better soon

    Lejaya xxx

  • hi

    hi its groovy chick here i hold my hand out for emh from north hykeham get well soon from groovy chick well done alan for thinking of this cool idea

  • joining in with love and kisses, a helping hand reaching out from S/W Scotland to EmH. xxx Grab hold of me and we shall continue the chain.......

  • Holding hands and Thinking of you emily and Alex.

  • Another little hand on the chain from the East!

    (stretches out to grasp on!)



  • another hand from nottingham joining in,best wishes to you both


    mel xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • three pairs of hands from Coventry . Get well soon Em we miss you on here. Also thinking of you Alex. Love Nikki ,Chloe & Lauren xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • I'm travelling to Belfast on Friday, so i'm sending the hand-hold chain to you EmH from the north east of Ireland to the north of Ireland and back again to Dublin Airport and flying the chain over to you EmH

    Get well soon

    Slan Leat


  • I will relink onto Christina, am in monaghan.

    Get well soon EmH.


  • Holding out a hand from North Yorkshire! Miss you Em, get well soon xxxxx

  • From Bucks, missing your always informative and thoughtful posts,

    keeping you in mind,


  • another few hands from here in west yorkshire -

    loads of love from Kym,Bryana and Reece xXx

  • A wee pair of hands from Glasgow. Get well soon EmH, you are much missed.



  • Here;s another pair of hands form Glasgow too - not too far to reach out!


  • Got to hold a bit tighter - getting windy out there. We're still reaching Em


  • Get well soooon! :) xx

  • having been tucked up in my own recovery duvet...and now popping my head out to say hello....any news on EmH? Get well soon! KSD

  • News on EmH


    This is Emily's Mum. Just to let you all know she is recovering now from latest ventilation, and is off HDU and back on ward. She hopes to be out at end of week, all things being slightly more than equal!

    In the meantime, don't send texts as phone is not working, she will be sorting it when she gets home.


  • Thank you very much for that Barbara. Please tell her I am thinking of her.

    *regrips hand into chain*

  • Hi dragonlady, Thanks for the, brilliant news that Em is back on the ward and out of HDU. Really hoping she will be back home soon and most (selfishly) importantly back on here.


  • That's great news, Mum.

    Still holding tight ,though, and stretching as hard as we can. Loads of loving hands to hold on to.



  • glad to hear she is on the mend. please pass on my love and prayers.


  • I'm home!

    Well, after a long two months in hospital I'm finally home. It's been a bit of a rough ride with my first intubation since I was really poorly last year; thankfully I was nothing like as unwell this time round but it still was not particularly pleasant!

    I'm so moved and touched by all the messages here - thank you Alan for a lovely idea and thank you everyone who contributed. It really does make a big big difference knowing that there are so many people who care. All your thoughts and prayers are very very much appreciated, I can't really tell you how much. I must admit to feeling a little fragile physically and emotionally so it really made a difference to my spirits to come home and find all your lovely messages.

    I'm still feeling quite weak and wobbly so I might not be online very much over the next few days - I seem to be spending most of the day asleep! After being in a busy bay I have a lot of sleep to catch up on. I'm sure I'll soon be back to posting so much that Alex complains of never getting to speak to me or use the laptop though. I hope everyone will understand and give me time to get up to full posting strength... I will check in and read every day and reply when I can.

    By the way, my mobile is not working for some reason so I can't reply to texts at the moment - I should be getting it sorted very soon though.

    Thank you once again everyone for some wonderful and touching posts - as I say, it really does make a difference.

    Take care all

    Em H

  • Welcome back

    Hi Em

    It's wonderful to see you back. What a Valentine's treat for you and Alex to be back at home together.


  • Dear Em

    How lovely to hear you're finally out. Welcome back and about time too!

    I am so pleased this idea took off so well for you and I think everyone that held hands was reflecting the support that you give to us all too. There was obviously a very special spot that we were trying to hit and there were so many very nice people to hold hands with for you, all of us trying to give back some of what you have given us.

    I think the response was also proof of just how much support everyone gives on this site. It is really very special and I can understand the pleasure that it must give you. It has certainly made a significant impact on me in the short time that I have been a contributor.

    I hope the chain hasn't added to any emotional moments on your escape. If it has, then you have my/our apologies.

    I think I am on safe grounds to send love on behalf of everyone on this site, and lots of it. All agreed?



  • Yay!

  • Ditto !!!


  • Welcome Home Em!

    Take it easy




  • welcome back =)

  • welcome home em

    take care and rest up


  • Welcome back Em

    Take it easy sending a big hug your way xx

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