fed up rant

i am fed up im still not good after having my recent attack. Im having loads of little attacks. Im fed up completely with it i dont want my asthma any more as i feel like i am wasting my gps time. My pf is the lowest its been since my attack. I cant rest as i have to clean the house as tomorrow we are getting a dog my family bought my mum for mothers day. Im struggling to breath my reliver is just about working.

Cant sleep at night as my chest is so tight so i have read 2 full books this week.

Sorry i just wanted to get it all off my chest

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  • Just a thought. If you don't want your asthma any more, perhaps you could put it on E-Bay and see if you can get someone to pay to take it off your hands .... lol

    A bit lame I know, but the best I can do by way of trying to raise your spirits a bit.

    Hope you feel better soon


  • Haha Annista i think my ad would go something like this.

    ""For sale one pair of lungs, in used condition, surprisingly athletic. Willing to exchange for less racey, more reliable pair!

  • Sorry you're still feeling crummy, a-jtinker20. There seems to be a lot of it about, I'm still struggling to come off regular salbutamol after my attack and resulting pred course a couple of weeks ago. Try not to do more than you feel upto as you'll only feel worse in the long run and do get help if you need it.

  • thanks im just so fed up with it. I keep saying to my family that i will trade for just 1 hour. I am trying to keep away from the drs i feel like im taking up other peoples space. I will see some one if i need it.

    My sale pitch would be ""pair of lungs still young but well used any other taken

  • Sorry to hear you're feeling rubbish Amanda, really hard not to get down with it and I also find I can't stop thinking about it when it's bad (hard not to when you can't breathe!) Really hope things get better and you shouldn't worry about taking up space at the GP - you have a perfectly valid reason to go, even if you do feel like you're spending more time with them than with anyone else!

    I was considering returning my lungs to the manufacturers and demanding a replacement for defective parts, but knowing the way things go with me I'd get them back with a note saying 'there's nothing wrong with these, you must be using them wrong'.

  • Hya A J,

    So apart from that, lifes good then is it :)

    Howie ;)

  • Hya A J,

    So apart from that, lifes good then is it :)

    Howie ;)

  • Philomela is absolutely right, please don't feel guilty about taking up your doctors time, you have a good reason to be there if your asthma is up the wall. Your asthma clearly isn't controlled right now, so you probably need to see your doctor of asthma nurse to check if your treatment needs adjusting or if you need a ""rescue course"" of oral steriods, especially if your peak flow is still falling. When people talk about patients wasting doctor's time they mean when people see a doctor for minor ailments that could just as easily have been treated by a pharmacist.

  • other than feeling rubbish i am back to dancing but i have an attack afterwards but its something.

    I am trying to get the courage to see the drs again which i dont really want to do but i guess i have to. My asthma is out of control at the min but as i dont have an action plan i dont know what i should do


  • Amanda, Philomena is quite right. There is no need at all to worry about taking up your GP's time - they get very well paid to look after people who are ill. It's people who go to the doctor when there's nothing wrong with them who should think twice.

    Why not take the time to tell your doctor that you're a bit hesitant about making an appointment because you're aftraid you're wasting his time - I'm sure he'll want to reassure you that you're not a time waster and that it is important to get your asthma under control as soon as possible.

  • i know im not wasting there time but some of the drs at my gps make me feel like i am and i dont know when the good ones are on.

    I am going to see if i can get in on monday. Hoping the new dog after being here a few days wont set me off as my cat doesnt but my rabbit does. Am just going to use my reliver when i need it over the weekend and before i cook sunday lunch


  • Sounds like a good plan to me.

    Enjoy the sunshine


  • Hope you get that sorted and the dog doesn't cause any problems - let us know how you get on. And enjoy your Sunday lunch!

    Even though I said you shouldn't feel bad about taking up time at the GP and I meant it, I do know what you mean about some of them - even when you have an extremely good reason to be there some of them can make you feel like a malingerer and it doesn't help if you don't like seeing them but have to go a lot because you're struggling to get control. I thought mine was going to be sick of the sight of me even though I've recently managed to get one of the good ones every time, but she's always been very nice about it.

    Plus, tbh quite a few of the appts GPs have to deal with can be a waste of time even if the patient didn't mean it to be. I've had some completely pointless repeat prescription ones because reception got it wrong and told me I had to see the GP when I didn't. They'd probably rather you had something real to deal with if you're going to see them!

  • yeah. At the moment the dogs ok just playing with her thats the problem

    Yeah hopefully the dr is ok. I just think i will see the best one again as he makes me fell relaxed

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