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Im seeing the asthma nurse tomorrow at my gps. I am taking both my inhalers, my pf diary and the be in control pack with me. But im not sure what i should ask as when i get asked if i have questions i say i dont but i do.

I am going to write down my questions. But i feel like i have alot of questions to ask and i feel like i will take up too much time. Plus i have to press for an action plan as i dont have one and will need it explaining how to go about get preds if i need them

Basicly im worrying about it


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  • Amanad, seriously don't worry about it, I challenge you to beat me! My record for one appointment was 1hr20mins, although do remember to keep your head down when leaving and don't make eye contact with any other patients!! My appts with nurse always take 45mins. Ask everything. I don't have an action plan either and have been asking and asking for years and was finally told this week that there isn't much point as the action is seek medical help, not sure this is right though so will wait to see what you are told!

    Did you see my post and finding on long sponsored walks?

  • I know i shouldnt be nervous or worried but i am. Will try and beat it lol. Will be asking and saying i need it as then if i have to go to a walk in clinic or a&e i can take it with me so they can see. But going to ask if i can change my inhaler devise as well.

    Yeah i saw i did the ilkley moor batak the 12km one. I want to walk the london marathon at some point


  • Good for you, it makes sense to me to have an action plan no matter what step you are at. A&E etc then don't have to take your word for it when you insist that not so normal treatments are what you need, for example before I was on Spiriva I used to have to have a salbutamol and Ipatropium neb which I found they were reluctant to do, although doesn't seem so unusual now. I say go for it, I am going to hold out for consultant to do it?! When you look at AUK website it seems normal but when you speak to your drs and nurses they never seem to mention an action plan.

  • yeah it makes sense like as i have hyposensitivitys to drugs and latex i am going to get a medic alert bracelet as well. Yeah will see where i get with the action plan will take my be in control pack as it has one to be filled it


  • I used to have an SOS but stopped wearing it as there wasn't really enough room on it and only allergic to four things anyway.

    Whats a be in control pack?

  • im getting a large disk one to fit everything on.

    Its from auk if you look on here under controling your asthma.

  • I have had all of these docs before they made them into a pack!

    Good luck tomorrow

  • Hi!

    I was just wondering how things went? I agree with NickyNoo, if you think about it you're the one in charge when your doctor aren't it's important that you feel comfortable doing what you need to do, and feel you can get the help you need from other doctors.

    I love the part about not making eye contact when you leave though. LOL. I guess my longest apts. are usually with my cardiologist and those can take 5 hrs. easily.


  • result

    Well i saw the asthma nurse she was great checked my inhaler technique is great. Have had my preventer inhaler changed to seretide (its purple) to test for two week and im seeing her again. At the moment my action plan is that if my pf or asthma symptoms get worse and i cant get it under control i have to go to my gps - if open a walk in clinic or a&e. My pf was up but did have my reliver on the way up there. when i see her in 2 weeks she will do a proper asthma action plan with me.

    All good so far :)


  • Good for you, all sounds positive.

    I loved Seretide - it was what broke my every few days hospital admissions, wish I was still on it now.

    Glad it sounds like she is going to be great for you

  • yeah i hope she is and she has made sure it is two weeks away even though the asthma clinic is full on the one for that week. Im happy with the result so far


  • A-jtinker20,

    Glad it went well for you,my asthma nurse at the doctors was fantastic but

    im under the hospital consultant and hospital asthma nurse again now but do miss BEV at my docs as was lovely and always there foe me .

    Hope you get lovely patient and nurse relationship it makes all the difference .

    love glynis xxx

  • thanks. Yeah i hope so too. It was nice she was listening to me


  • I'm really glad you had a good experience! That's the best.


  • I went for my annual visit to my gps last week and saw a new asthma nurse. She is the only professional i've talked to that seems to fully understand how asthma affects you. She checked every aspect with me from how to properly take your inhalers to how to adjust your medicines when things get worse and advised me to get to the gps asap when asthma starts to get out of control ( i've been reluctant to go to gps until thing get really bad because they don't seem to take it seriously enough). She gave me a nasal spray to use to help with Rhinitis because she thinks my asthma maybe linked to this condition. The only problem is that she is only working at the gps on a temporary basis so will be leaving soon. I may try and find out where she is working on a permanent basis and move to that practice. I too have asked my gp to fill out an action plan for me but after 2 years of asking still haven't got one.

    Just developed a sore throat in last couple of days. Hope this doesn't move down to my chest!!

    Glad your visit to see nurse went well and hope your asthma stays under control.



  • need support from somewhere??!?!

    hey guys

    i have been asthmatic for 10 yrs and had it under perfect control...until sunday...ooh dr, eau monday and my asthma nurse visit this morning.... sats are 95-99% ecg bloods and urine were fine.

    i have never had prolonged attack like this before and i have been stuck in bed since sunday. i get worse jus walking...this isnt like me

    i feel like a fraud cuz the eau dr say well we know ur asthmatic as the xray showed, but cant find anything wrong.

    today i saw my new asthma nurse who spent 5 mins with me and said take paracetamol for the chest pain :( who then dragged the dr in who said do what she said. am i expecting too much as this is the first episode thats hospitalised me in years!? i dont know what to do... any ideas peeps

  • So are you in the hospital or at home? That sounds kind of concerning if you're having trouble walking.

  • I'm at home, was only in for the day they told me they needed the space. Going to ooh dr again on the advise of the nurse I spoke with just!! Just had enuf now and I'm in agony

  • aww !!!holliebop.

    Try a water bottle or wheaty bag as well as your pain relief.

    Hop you just had a blip and you feel better soon and incontrol again.

    Its going be a wait and see game to see if you need your meds altering but time will tell.

    Make sure you keep your reliever with you and get help if to bad .

    take care ,love glynis xxx

  • Thanks glynis :) I do love my wheaty bag wud be lost without it!! Good news thou went to ooh drs again and saw a very helpful nurse who told me I had bronchitis as well as my asthma, she said the preds will knock it off but to get throat sweets an dry cough syrup :) will give it a couple of days and see how that goes!!

    Thank u for ur love an support

    Hollie xoxo

  • Thanks glynis :) I do love my wheaty bag wud be lost without it!! Good news thou went to ooh drs again and saw a very helpful nurse who told me I had bronchitis as well as my asthma, she said the preds will knock it off but to get throat sweets an dry cough syrup :) will give it a couple of days and see how that goes!!

    Thank u for ur love an support

    Hollie xoxo

  • @a-jtinker20 .... so how did your appoinment go with your asthma nurse?? i hope you had all your questions answered and that they took care of you...let us know

    best of luck hollie xoxo

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