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why do i feel so run down

i know i should feel good now as im one step closer to seeing a cons but i just feel so low still. Is it the lack of sleep or how much reliver im using

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Have you been on steroids recently ? They make me really low and tearful when come off them xxx


I've been like that when I've been using lots of reliever. It mucks up your sleep patterns and brings you right down. Fingers crossed you'll start to pick up when you can stop using your reliever so much.



I am the same at the mo, been through a bit of a rough time with multiple attacks, but just dont feel myself, i have no get up and go, and i am generally a very active person, i have an active job that i love, but just now, i cannot rustle up any energy,

i am normally very reluctantyto go onto the steroids but relented and have been on them 2 weeks, a big break through, and given up work this week and stuff last weekend, normally when i am in hospital i am desperate to get out after 1 night!!, here i am on day 4 and in no reall rush,

i even queried with myself am i depressed, i dont think so , just runnin on half measures.

the next big breakthrough was givvin in to stop and rest.

i did get an ergent appt with cons thursday and appart from telling me to put my S/c in the bin, (no way) he has changed my inhaled steroids, i am on Levofloxacin anti bs and steroids, it is just wait and see,

like you i just want to have my energy back and get on with life!!!!

hope you get sorted soon, g xx


Don't know about the reliever though you are on a lot so imagine it might be contributing, but think I'm feeling the same way - lack of sleep doesn't help, and even though you are closer to seeing a cons it's still a lot of effort dealing with it all and waiting especially when you're struggling as you are. Waiting when you feel rubbish is so hard - I've felt generally annoyed, knackered and as though someone has really been pulling on the strings of my invisible corset today and I just want someone to make it go away right now!

Not sure what you can do to distract yourself - perhaps we should start a silly thread in off-topic, that can be a good laugh and stress-reliever and takes my mind off things. Or watch something mindless?


I'm the same too. I've been having problems since the pollen season started. I was, just about holding it together but getting more and more breathless. In the end I got the dreaded smarties, short course. Then my GP extended it and I'm on a reducing one.

Now on day 10 of it. Have felt faint for, just about, the whole of today even when sitting down, very shaky and my heart was going too fast on and off. Managed to see my GP earlier, blood pressure a bit high (don't know about the rest, think I've given up caring). Anyhow, he says to see how it goes, no obvious cause. It might be the smarties. But, if anything else happens I have to tell him, no matter how insignificant it feels to me.

So now I'm sitting here thinking of all the insignificant symptoms I didn't think to mention. I do feel as if I've taken way too much ventolin but the preds taken over so my intake has reduced to a near normal amount over the past few days.

Loads of ventolin does affect my sleep patterns, I'm also struggling with the pred and sleep. Or maybe its all anxiety - or maybe not since I do feel past caring.

Sorry to ramble. You're really not on your own. Feel free to PM me if you need to vent.


Is this a private party or can anyone join in? :)

Out for the day, to favourite haunt of many years. What with traffic fumes and pollen from botanic gardens, should've known better but hadn't been there for ages. Like you, Philomela, someone was pulling my corset strings very tightly.


GrannyMo - Pollen has a lot to answer for. I hope you managed to have a good day anyway. When I'm feeling a bit fed up, I threaten to obliterate it from the planet at work. This isn't a popular suggestion with bee lovers and I think its a bit essential for feeding people and animals. I can make a good argument though.

I shouldn't complain really, I'm not going through anything like others. Still its good to let off a bit of steam.


Urgh, botanic gardens. Used to like them, but with me it's the humidity etc in the greenhouses.

My invisible Victorian mother is still pulling on my corset strings. I think she's trying to get me down to 18 inches from the feel of it! Wish someone would stop her, but not sure how. I wish my old blue friend worked for me - going to give it another shot just in case.

I def think we need a new 'silly' thread in off-topic - anyone got any ideas?


thank you. I shouldnt complain either im just starting to be truely fed up of the lovely thing call asthma that we all wish would stay -sarcasm intended.

well im taking a trip to hull tomorrow for the allergy clinic - not looking forward to it was the last time i made this jorney had an attack



i dont think its to do with sally sweet, more likely to be a ix of other things like stress, amount of attacks you have had recently and yuo been on pred and that can make you feel like that wen u come off short course - regardless of the white or red pills :P

you will pick up soon sweet i promise you, make sure ur eating right, even small snacks, and drinking enough and plenty rest or long lie-ins...

we got each other remember :)

x x x


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