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update on me

Hi all

I have an appointment for the cons through and going it nearly a months time now still not sure whats happening

the meds my allergy dr gave have done very little as my pf is just staying at 300 all the time and still have the lovely tight lungs the pain when breathing and keep getting sob so still slightly cheesed off but im closer now to seeing a cons


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Hi Amanda and thanks for the update.

It's great to hear that you've finally got an appointment with the consultant. A month does sound a long time, but hopefully it'll fly by! Are you keeping a peak flow diary and a record of all your symptoms/triggers? I'm sure that would be helpful for your consultant! Make a list of questions you want answers and things that you want to achieve too.

I'm sorry that you're still struggling with tightness and shortness of breath. That's a horrible feeling.

Sending much love, Wishes


Hi Amanda.

So pleased to hear you've finally got an appointment, even though you've got to wait almost a month. I really hope that your consultant can help you to get your asthma under control so you feel better.


Glad they finally got the appointment organised. So get your questions down-I typed mine so I could make use of his time. I hope this is some help.



Glad your getting to see a consultant soon and fingers crossed

some help for you soon .xxxxx


the time will fly by, good luck with the appointment let us know how you get on.I hope they sort you out soon.Look on the hospitals site you can get info on your cons which can be quite interesting ie their specialities,studies,medical illess interests etc. Also write down any questions points you want to make.


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