fed up

am totally fed up just want to curl up and cry or something. Feel rubbish and wish my lungs would behave.

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  • aww! Rest up and take meds xxx my asthma bad again .always drops when off pred. Pf gone from 500 to 350.Take care xxx

  • awww I know the feeling! Hope you feel better, sending sympathy your way if it helps.

    If my lungs were something I'd bought would have returned them ages ago with a strong letter of complaint.

  • I certainly know that feeling.

    Do try and rest and I hope you start to feel better soon

  • will be sending my lungs back. How can i get my lungs sorted

  • defo sympathise amanda :(

    wish lungs cold be returned and new pair bought :)


    feel like i been run over by a truck at the moment . . .

    sending u big big big hugs

    x x x

  • thanks same to you. So big hugs back to you as well. Just finished antibiotics

  • hope antibiotics helped? u still on steroids or finished course? hope they helped!

    x x

  • the antibiotics helped a bit but they wouldnt give me any preds. Think that dr just thought it was just a chest infection that was the cause of the attack.

  • crying can make you feel better - it sounds like you just need a break from your lungs - I hope that you get something sorted soon, sorry no practical advice so would use it myself . Just Take care.

  • aww pet - maybe you should just have a day in your pjs and have a little cry- it will prob make you feel better. chin up pet people on here know exactly how you feel xxx

  • thanks if i get a pj day i will be shocked. Cant rest as so agitated my cat curls up on me as she knows am ill but if her fur gets near my face i start reacting to it.

  • Hey

    I know that feeling - got a chest infection at the moment so back on antibiotics. Antibiotics make me throw up.

    So now i am exhausted from barely sleeping, coughing up all night and being sick.

    Bed rest for the day is defo in order (Especially since work is way 2 busy for me to take time out!)

    I recommend you send someone to the shops to bring chocolate and chick flicks. Curl up in your quilt and get lots of rest - plus if its a chick flick its a great excuse to get all the crying out of your system!

    Get Well Soon!!


  • lungs behave, hope you better, take care


  • just need to find a chick flick i cry at. Yeah need chocolate as i start a diet tomorrow night. Seeing some family today so cant even relax but my grandma gave me £17 as my lungs are playing up but she has dementur

  • want to scream my chest is angry and i feel really ill think need to see the drs tomorrow

  • Aww you poor thing, I totally understand how you must be feeling, do try to get some rest.

    I think it might be a good idea for you to see your GP tomorrow.

    Hugs to you.

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