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Fed up!

Hiya all,

been to see my asthma nurse this morning after I finished a course of steroids and antibiotics on monday. Despite the fact that I feel better after the chest infection she wasn't happy at all. Chest sounding bit better but I'm still short of breath and pf only 45% of my personal best.

Back on montelukast and still increased inhalers.

Told her I've had 1-2 asthma attacks every night for 10 days and she said if they don't ease off after 4 puffs reliever call 999. Sometimes it takes more than that until it's better but I usually manage it without having to go to a&e. I can't call 999 everytime it takes more than 5 mins to calm down can I?

Got a bigger spacer as having problems using inhalers during attack. I fed up with all this but would you seriouly call 999 so quick?

If not better next week I'll have to go for an xray.

Roll on better times....

Love Lydia x

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Hi Lydia,

As a relatively newbie to asthma, I wondered that very thing, the other night when my reliever wasn't stopping me coughing. In all I'd to take 11 puffs of ventolin, before showed any sign of stopping. Scary stuff.

You've probably read on my posts, I'm not a wheezer, so my chest always sounds clear. I just cough on and on till I run out of breath. Did it today in fact but three puffs of symbicort stopped it.

So although I think a little bit of me would still feel daft, in case, yes, the symptoms stopped half way to local hospital - the next time I have an attack that doesn't feel any better at five minute mark, I'll wake husband (if he hasn't already wakened with the racket LOL) and suggest he start getting dressed. Pronto.

Which doesn't really answer your question, Lydia, but IMO, (not speaking medically, moderators) if you've had several attacks recently, I'd do what your nurse says and phone 999, if not in control after five minutes.

Wishing you better soon.

GM xx


Hiya and sorry you have been feeling so rough.

I am suprised with a pf of 45% your practice nurse didn't get a GP to see you. Your asthma has obviously not been sorted after your infection and it can often take a longer course of steroids to get back on top of things. It might also be worth asking about using 10 puffs of Ventolin with your spacer when you feel particularly bad and I would certainly be heading to A&E if I felt that wasn't helping or it wasn't lasting for 4 hours.

Hope you get it sorted - and if your still having probs I would go see out of hours doc today. A pf that low is no joking matter and needs sorting.


Don't mean to frighten you. But if your reliever is ineffective at managing your asthma I would call 999 as instructed. I learned my lesson. Just before Xmas asthma got worse. I know I needed hospital and asked my wife to driive me. Unfortunately I got worse in the car. When I got to a and e ended up in resus thankfully. They stabilized my asthma with iv magnesium and iv hydrocortisconeaId I didn't respond to nebs. Asthma can change and deteriorate very quickly . My wife now refuses to drive me when unwell. Saying paramedics get paid to get a fright when asthma goes bad she doesn't


Thank you all for your advice!

I think I needed to hear that. Probably having to take things a bit more serious.

My nurse said I was a "" typical health professional"", always trying to deal with it myself.

I'm used to caring and looking after other people but when it comes to my own body I should also look after it.

Got a volumatic spacer today and will try it with that. Nurse said it should be as good as a nebulizer. Have used the Aero chamber plus for years but with me having cough variant asthma I found that when I had an attack recently I just couldn't get the reliever to work.

And I don't want to end up with a nebulizer really at the age of 30 :-(

I'm hoping for things to improve. Thanks again for your support and the little kick up my bum;-)

love Lydia x


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