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Hi all,

How are we all doing? I've noticed that a lot of people have been feeling pretty rough recently-I certainly have felt that the change in the weather is affecting my asthma. The cold mornings have had me coughing and wheezing my way to work. I'm constantly tired-has anyone else felt the same? My partner has given me his cold too (just to add to the situation). I'm on loads of meds and although I have an appointment with my doc on Tues, what else can she give? I've had lots of pred, and it doesn't work. Can I ask to be referred to a chest clinic? Please reply.

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yes i know excactlt how you are feeling, i am really struggling now that it is cold, i am finding it hard to breathe and coughing, espically when go out in the morning and also my boyfriend tends to give me a cold, i am hoping my asthma nurse can do somthing on tuesday


Hi Jenna, I have been feeling really tired too, following a bad cold and worsening of asthma. Some days I have stayed in bed all day, even slept a few hours and still slept at night. I think there are a lot of bugs/viruses going round, sounds like you have got one. I'm starting to feel better now, and I'm sure you will too.

Re. seeing the GP. There is more medication that can be prescribed, so dont give up hope!! And of course you can request a referral to a chest specialist. I asked our GP for a referral for my son, and he was quite happy to do so.

Good luck and I hope things improve for you.


yep ive been ill too. very tired and having to take each day as it comes to see what the weather is like before i can decide to go out as i know il have an attack. the doc should be able to offer something else to try x


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