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New NHS ""information prescription"" online service

Saw this reported today on NeLM - nelm.nhs.uk/en/NeLM-Area/Ne...

It's a service for health and social care professionals, covers over 100 conditions. Asthma UK is one of the partners so this could be a way to improve the quality of information about asthma given to patients and families...including awareness of potential seriousness of asthma and issues like absence of wheeze doesn't mean no asthma. Also could point people towards sources of reliable information. Depends on healthcare professionals actually using it, I suppose!

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Yet again, the incredibly poor formatting of this discussion board means the link does not work.


live links would be lovely! This is the bit.ly shortened URL, which is working for me bit.ly/9q8tnl


this is the link my nhschoices twitter feed sent dlvr.it/2s7yc


It seems pretty good. Although who will use it? Who is it aimed at?



According to this - bit.ly/93D6NI - ""Information prescriptions"":

""...These prescriptions are provided by health and social care professionals as part of a consultation and can include information on conditions, treatments, care services, self care and benefits advice ...""

So regarding asthma, doctors, nurses could access this online service to provide information, especially at point of diagnosis.

Again, from that link:

""...Information prescriptions will contain a series of links or signposts to guide people to sources of information about their health and care - for example information about conditions and treatments, care services, benefits advice and support groups. They will let people know exactly where to get further advice, where to go to get support, and where to network with others with a similar condition. They will include useful addresses, telephone numbers and website links and sign-post where they can go to find out more information about their condition, information about medication, what services are available in the NHS and what services are available locally in social care to help them take better control of their condition


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