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Epipen expiry dates

The Anaphylaxis Campaign is asking people with prescribed Epipens to be check expiry dates as it seems an unprecedented number [234,000] are due to expire in December and January.

""A quarter of a million adrenaline pens - a potential lifesaver for those with severe allergies - will have run out by January, a charity is warning.

The Anaphylaxis Campaign is urging the 210,000 British people who carry these injectors to check their expiry date urgently if they have not done so.

Most pens used in the UK are US-made Epipens and tend to arrive in one large batch with the same expiry date.

But the numbers about to expire are unprecedented, the charity says. ...""


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Thanks for the tip off!

ally x


Many thanks for that Claire,

Coincidentally I checked mine last night - two expire mid Jan, so I have now just emailed an order for repeat prescription.



thanks for info- just checked mine 2 expire dec 09 so either now or soon and 4 in jan 10. So im gonna take em back to pharmacy and get new prescription from gp if pharmacy cant replace them as 4 are new (got last week as new i was gonna need some as used two recently!)

Thanks for the headsup tho claire.

Lv kat Xx


Can I just add that the Anaphylaxis campaign recomend that you do not accept short dated Epipens.

This is less than a 9- 12 months.

Accepting very short dated ones causes quite a few problems , plus more work and cost to the surgery in prescriptions and cost to yourself if you have to pay for prescriptions.



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