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swine flue jab ?????

myself and my 8yr old autistic child have asthma. after watching panorama tonight i am more worried but i'm still at a loss. my son is hospitalized every year at about this time for at least 3 days. and last time was really scarey. my asthma is worsening and i am using my pump alot more daily. i sometimes do the flue jab thing, but havnt for a couple of yrs. should i now go have my jab? the swine flue jab doesnt seem to have enough reasearch to back up its safety so am unsure about that. but my son is far worse then me . any advice??? i went through all this with the mmr, and my son was autistic anyway. should i just wait and see what happens to everyone else who has it. if my son gets the swine flue he is going to be really ill. do i wait and take the chance or throw caution to the wind and go for it for both of us.

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It neither of you have an egg allergy i would say go for it! If you can have other injections i would say go for it!



the swine flu vaccine is or will be available in egg based, but also non egg based if you've had a reaction to the traditional flu vaccines in the past. The most recent research from the states end of last week indicates that the swine flu settles deeper down in the lungs than normal flu, so that's not good for us, making it harder to clear up, taking longer and making us feel a lot worse. sorry to be so blunt, but this isn't to scare you either, just facts, and only you can decide what's best. Personally, when I can have it, i'm going to have it, normal colds and chest infections are bad, anything worse, I don't want.



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