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embarrasing, well just a bit!

I have always suffered from this to the extent that it has become even more embarrasing when i have a full blown attack in public. I really hate using my inhaler in front of people but have never quite worked out why. I like to think, and for other people to think that i am fit and healthy and most of the time manage to give this impression. Has anyone else had this issue and how do you overcome this. I mean it shouldnt be embarrasing having asthma, cannt help it can we. Have tried the inhaler puffing handbag routine but it looks even more ridiculous.


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hi pinky - i know what you mean, i try to find a small corner, or turn my back on most of room on once on the street i went in someone's gateway in the hedge and all the time thinking i shouldnt be doing this you should just be getting on with it - who cares what people think. on the other hand... other day in a meeting with my boss and her boss, she had an attack just got her inhaler out and sat there puffing away with it and i thought good for you and didnt think it strange at all, were more concerned if she was ok and needed anything but she was ok. so that's what i'm aiming to do next time but it is difficult isnt it.

not sure if that helps.



When I was first diagnosed I used to do the hiding in the corner thing too, but since I've forced myself to just get on with it I've found that actually, hardly anybody notices! If I'm out & about then the people around me are probably to wrapped up in what they're doing to care, friends will check I'm ok but then generally leave me to it, people at work have even been known to carry on conversations with me! (That can be annoying, but I prefer it to being fussed over & they tend to be the ones left embarrassed when I just look straight at then - spacer still in mouth - & just raise my eyebrows)


Please don't be embarrassed, others probably wont even notice and if they do asthma is so common nowadays that i doubt you will cause a stir. Remember that other people do far more embarassing things in public!!!

Puff in public,



Pinky, please do not be embarrassed.

There are 5.2 million of us in the UK with asthma, out of a population of 60 million. If we all hid, there would not be enough toilets, handbags or hedgerows to take us all!

Asthma is a medical condition, not a dirty habit. Stay cool and put your energies in to looking after yourself.



PS: Well, on second thoughts, maybe there would be enough handbags! ;)


...and you never know, with smoking getting ever more outlawed and the asthmatic community continuing to flourish, inhalers might one day become the new fashion accessory as indeed posing with a cigarette was in the 30's, 40's and 50's!!

Go for it!!




Please don't be embaressed about using your inhalor in public etc. This morning i was being a bit worried about using my inhalor at my desk at work wich probably resulted in my asthma getting worse but as my manager pointed out to me - loads of people in my have asthma - in my team of 9 there are 4. he's told me he's noticed i keep grabbing my inhalor and running to the toilets and to just use it at my desk. I can understand you not wantig to use it though - you do get worrid that people are looking and i worry that people will be worried each time i use it but won't the time i really need help but really i don't think people are looking at me to notice i'm using it. does that make sense?



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