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Anyone Got any advice please

My asthma is well controlled and I am a wheezer rather than getting a lot of fluid on my chest. About 3 weeks ago I got a chesty cough WITHOUT a cold and I have been coughing up yellow mucus ever since. Up till recently this hasn't affected my asthma but in the last few days I have got a bit tight (still able to play two hours badminton last night though) Am aware that you don't want to have too many courses of anti biotics so tried to let this cough take its course. However have got fed up with this night and day coughing so went to my new doctor (I moved house 6 months ago) He examined my chest and said my asthma was a bit tight and to up my preventative pumps. he also said and I quote ""I can't do anything about mucus""

On very rare occasions when I've had a chesty cough in the past as an asthmatic, my previous doctor would prescribe anti-biotics. You would thinks after fifty odd years with asthma a doctor would take your advice about whats normal and whats not.

Anyway I would welcome any help as to what to do next assuming this 3 week problem doesn't abate in the next week or so .


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Carbocisteine is good if have a lot of mucus but might need antibs if dont get any better xxx


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