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New Housing

After watching Grand Designs last week, it featured a ""sealed"" house, I got to wondering, is there or has there ever been research into the effects of controlling CO2 emissions, footprints etc.

It strikes me that with a house that is sealed from the elements etc we, as a specie, will get used to living in a sterile environment which in turn may result in lower body tolerances to everything.

Does anyone have any news on any research for this or am I just going off into a world of my own?

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Hi Peter

I love grand designs, and interested in Building Design. I don't know of any research, though it might be interesting to look into! Air is pumped into this house design from outside and the occupiers are going to have to venture out into the big wide world so I personally wouldn't be worried about living in such a building.

I live in a pre fab cornish style flat, the building was supposed to be only temporary but 60 years later is still in use. With time they have supposedly been improved, coal fires removed and replaced with central heating, understandably the buildings are now experiencing issues in some cases. Why? because we are using things like central heating that the original building was not intended to have!

This building design on Grand Designs is very experimental and if I remember correctly a university is going to be monitoring its success. From my own experience I would say that if the building is used in its current state, it will probably work well, but as time moves on people's needs change, and sometimes you can not adapt a building successfully.


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