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why is it, when you lay down, you start coughing?

Hi i'm sure i'm not alone here?

It's 5:45am, and i'm awake and have been since 3:45am, yawn !-( Why is it when you lay down, or are settling down for the night you start coughing?

When i'm upright i don't seem to cough, unless doing something physical i.e, housework, or going up and down stairs.

I started singulair 10mg just over a week ago and after a few days noticed the night time cough disappearing, but tonight it's back and worse than ever...Ahhhhh!!!

As part of my night routine i take my medicines, inhaler (Symbicort 400/12), Cetirizine 10mg and Singulair 10mg. (I call this my supper). The Cetirizine makes me drowsy so this is why i take it at night.

Is there something else i can do or try? Does anyone have any ideas? I've tried taking a hot bath before bed in the past, hoping the steam will help, but it didn't.. in the summer i like to have a good wash and changed, when i get in from work, just to get all the pollen off.

Sorry to waffle on, everyone else is asleep in the house, it's not fare.

Moschops XX

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Hi moschops, I don't know the exact reason, but i suspect is similar to what I've noticed, that sleeping on your back results in lower PEF readings, and is probably down to the fact that the lungs have a bigger area flat and may mucus in them has more of an area to cover and cause irritaion, try sleeping on your side.

Try putting a block of 2 or 3 inch wood under the legs of the head of the bead to create a slope, sounds slightly daft, but I've done this for 2 or 3 months now and it does help, or try learning to sleep standing :D (don't take that seriously)

hope this helps, or someone else posts something that works for you.




I was wondering do you get reflux or heartburn? it is possible that when you lay down flat that you are experiencing some reflux of acid and that this is irritating your airways causing you to cough.

It is just one suggestion of probably lots of possibilities!


Libby x


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