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why is it, when you lay down, you start coughing?

Hi i'm sure i'm not alone here?

It's 5:45am, and i'm awake and have been since 3:45am, yawn !-( Why is it when you lay down, or are settling down for the night you start coughing?

When i'm upright i don't seem to cough, unless doing something physical i.e, housework, or going up and down stairs.

I started singulair 10mg just over a week ago and after a few days noticed the night time cough disappearing, but tonight it's back and worse than ever...Ahhhhh!!!

As part of my night routine i take my medicines, inhaler (Symbicort 400/12), Cetirizine 10mg and Singulair 10mg. (I call this my supper). The Cetirizine makes me drowsy so this is why i take it at night.

Is there something else i can do or try? Does anyone have any ideas? I've tried taking a hot bath before bed in the past, hoping the steam will help, but it didn't.. in the summer i like to have a good wash and changed, when i get in from work, just to get all the pollen off.

Sorry to waffle on, everyone else is asleep in the house, it's not fare.

Moschops XX

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You are not alone, i hvae been awake since 6am coughing and spluttering. I get annoyed when my asthma gives me a morning wake up call. I reach for inhaler and if no joy then go to neb (only if doctor says you can tho). Although i normally find the best thing to do is to get up and start doing something as it takes your mind off things and gets you moving. Over night all the phelgm that is in your lungs settles down also and then it makes it harder to breathe. You need to get your pilllows so you are sat up in bed. It does take a while to learn to sleep sat up though. You will wake up also when you slide down your pillows. Waking in the night can also be a sign of badly or poorly controlled asthma. So a visit to you GP or asthma nurse make be in need.


The wee small hours are the time your bodies own steriods are at their lowest even if you are munching the little red smarties you can still get an early morning ""dip"". I found it worse cos I used to sleep through the early signs or dream I had put on a neb only to wake up gasping for air with no neb running.

To he honest it happens even to people on a bucket of steriods and sub cut etc, mine is now very minor one neb and I can go back to sleep, however I put this down to my new electric bed I now sleep well propped up and I don't fall off the pillows in the night or lose them, nebs, sub cut and a decent bed have been the 3 things that have most improved my quality of life, being able to sleep better at night means I am able to face the day better. If you have a genrous reletive or some money stashed away I would highly recommend you look at adjustable bed cos wedges, pillows etc just arn't the same.



Hi Moschops 1976

Hate it when that lying-down cough happens.

I go to the freezer and get myself an ice-pole. Seems to work better than an ice lolly. Sook it while reading a book.

Sometimes I get another hour or two of sleeping lying down when I go to bed.

Best wishes xx


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