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HEPA air purifer

I am currently designing a air purification unit for domestic use (my major uni project), it is hoped to help clean the air for sufferers of asthma and severe allergies. I would like to make the unit portable so that it could be transported easly from the bedroom (for night use) to the living area of the house (for the day). If anybody has any suggestions on aspects of importance they would hypothetically want from the system it would be really appreciated. For example, would it be useful for the device to display how much air is in the room and a percentage countdown of how much of that air is cleaned over time? Other areas id like to look at are aesthetics, portability, wht feedback is required for the operator/asthma sufferer?

Thanks xxx lucy

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Hi Lucy,

I am very interested to watch the development of your air purification unit. I have seen a version on sale in the precinct area at Romford, Essex and also, not sure it is the same one, at Bluewater in Kent. Both stalls are making huge claims as to the benefit for asthma sufferers, and I have been very tempted to buy one. They look like goldfish bowls, with water about half way up. Air is convected in, over the water, and out again cleaner on expulsion.

I will think about what features I would like from one, but would yours be of comparable design to the ones I have seen already??

Thanks and good luck with it,



hi, what a great idea. i did try one once (cant remember what make) but found it too noisy to use at night in the bedroom, so that would be a consideration for me, and also couldnt tell if it was doing what it was supposed to , so some type of display of air percentage, as you suggest, would be good too. also would need to be pleasing to the eye (the model i had stuck out like a sore thumb in the room) and fit in to most people's room style, which will be really difficult - do you go with a modern look or traditional etc. also of course most important - price!

hope this gives you some ideas. good luck with your project - keep us informed.



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