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At last after having an emergency doctors appointment I have FINALLY been put on the asthma register!!!!

I saw my actual doctor for once and after asking a few questions she said strait away ""I will put you on the asthma register""! She gave me 2x brown steroid preventers and 2 extra ventolins one for me and one for school just in case. Hopefully this will keep it under control. she diddnt even need me to do any tests she just knew from my records and my family history that it is definitely asthma. I know its not something to celebrate but I am so glad that after months of too-and-throw that I am finally diagnosed!

She also said that I will have to see an asthma nurse annually. Will that be after todays visit or will I be asked back in the mean time?

Thanks for all the help and support from everyone!


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Great news x Hope now you can get your asthma controld now diagnosed xxx


Hi Rhys, We see the asthma nurse annually. How did your science exam go today?


Thanks! do you know if I need to see an asthma nurse or is it a year after diagnosis?


Oh it went ok i suppose..

I felt bad through most of it coz my idiot of a friend thought it would be funny to spray my inhaler using the last puff! but yeah it was ok chemistry was good biology sucked!


yay re GP! Seen a sensible one at last - and I know exactly what you mean about being glad to have the diagnosis, it's much worse to have the symptoms and the uncertainty!

Glad you got hold of the inhalers too. Did GP not say when to come back? I would have thought they'd want to see you much sooner to see how the meds are working. Give the preventer a few weeks to a month but if it doesn't seem to be working, or not enough, then make an appt with the nurse or GP as they might need to tweak it (best way is probably to do the asthma control test now and then try again in a few weeks).

Obviously if things get worse then go back sooner but you seem to know what to do.

Glad exam seemed ok - well half anyway, other half maybe better than you think!


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