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First Asthma Attack

Hey all,

sorry I haven't been on but have been busy with exams etc.

Today I experienced my first asthma attack. I was at school in maths. I needed my inhaler as chest was getting tight and was having problems breathing. I had left my inhaler at home. Now starting to panic i asked my teacher if i could see the nurse. She could tell by my face that is was urgent and sent me to her. When got there thankfully the nurse had an inhaler but as I was in the medical room I had an asthma attack and it took 4 minutes to ease which felt like hours. I will be seeing my doctor asap as although im on brown steroid inhaler it dont seem to be enough.

Anyone know what the next stage is?

Thanks in advanced!

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I don't know if it'll help, but I had asthma attacks every time I did an exam at school and this was due to the fact that these took place in the school hall using furniture that was in storage gathering dust for months and then dragged out for use during the exams releasing the dust to home in on my lungs. If dust is one of your triggers maybe you would be allowed to take your exams somewhere else.


Glad you are ok but first of all never leave home without your inhaler!!!! Get yourself a puffa pouch that hangs round the neck under clothes or clips on to something you always have on you like a belt or something similar. Ask if you can take exams in a different room because the environment could be a trigger for you. See your doctor for advice and be sure to follow it.

Good luck with your exams and hope you do well.


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