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Worrying new data on emergency hospital admissions for asthma

New data from Asthma UK shows that progress has stalled in reducing emergency hospital admissions in the 5.4 million people with asthma in the UK and that opportunities to save millions of pounds are being ignored.

The latest data on hospital admissions shows that there continues to be a massive regional divide. This is highlighted by a four fold difference between the PCTs in England with the highest and lowest admissions and a six fold difference for children’s admissions.

Read the full story at: tinyurl.com/yzjlrld

Read our Chief Exec's blog at: tinyurl.com/ykwzwls

2 Replies

Interesting, have just read this, and not only find it believable, know it is so true!


Hmmmmm not good

Just read that and it doesnt really sound good. have to admit the asthma team where I live are not the best. I was sent home twice in one night by out of hours service, Was seen by some very rude staff and in future will be going straight to A/E. Everything boils down to money, it makes my blood boil Grrrrrrrrrr . Donna x


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