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Are Black and Minority Ethnic groups being let down by the NHS?

‘Speaking Up’, a new report by Asthma UK, reveals that many people from minority ethnic backgrounds in England are regularly confronted with poor and inaccessible services from the NHS.

What are your experiences of the NHS? Have you found their services adequate? How accessible is information to those who may speak a different language?

The original news story can be found at:

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Well your report may find people from minority backgrounds get a poor standard of service, but I don't feel this is down to their background. I am white British and at times I feel that the services I have encountered with the NHS leave alot to be desired. Whether it be Asthma care or any other illness, there needs to be standard levels of care nationwide, instead people having to play the ""Post Code Lottery.


Katina, I think this report is aimed at people who speak English as a second language. Yes everyone experiences less than desireable service across the board but being unable to interpret information in English can be a problem. AUK does produce leaflets in many languages but people still need to be shown where they can access information in their mother tongue or helped with an interpreter.

At least if we speak the same language, eg English we can at least argue and put over our views.

Health care professionals need to know where they can obtain information in other languages eg leaflets , AUK web site etc to point people in the right direction.


Thanks Kate for taking the time to answer my last post, but I already understood what the report was all about.


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