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Breastfed babies develop better lungs?

A research study part funded by Asthma UK has found that breastfeeding for at least four months helps children breathe more easily and may also curb their susceptibility to developing asthma.

What are your opinions on this study? Do you think it is true? How different is it really from bottle feeding?

The original news story can be found at:

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Hi this is a difficult one as my eldest was breastfed for 4 months and I had to give up as my son was allergic to my milk and cows, sheep and goats milk, soya was the only one he could tolerate. I know this is rare but he was covered in thick eczema until 48 hours after I stopped feeding him. He has allergies now but doesn't react badly to them any more. My youngest was breastfed for 9 months and was diagnosed with asthma at 6 months old, I carried on feeding him for 3 more months as i knew he was asthmatic even though I was ill and needed treatment for anemia. I waited until my doctor finally told me I had to stop for my health so I could start medication. My youngest has no allergies at all but seems to have some fault with his lungs, he has fantastic lung function when well and dreadful when he gets ill. He has a CT scan next week so hopefully we will know more soon. I wonder if I didn't breastfeed him whether he would have had eczema instead or very mild asthma but maybe he would have been worse with severe asthma with allergies and life would be even more of a struggle. Maybe his lung function would now be awful all the time. I guess we will never know

I hope this helps



Breast fed babies should be less susceptable to asthma and the likes as they ingest mums antibodies from the breast milk. They also suck differently on the breast as opposed to the bottle which has been proven to help reduce ear problems and chest infections.

Breast feeding is the ultimate for a baby and all women should be encouraged to breast feed but it can be hard work and not all women can manage the recommended 6 months. Any amount of breast milk is better than none.

The benefits are not only for the baby but also for the mum with things like reducing the risk of breast and overian cancer, burning calories enabling mums to get their figures back quicker and dont forget its FREE!!


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