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Hospital admissions?

Tuesday 1 May 2007 is World Asthma Day, an annual event that aims to improve asthma awareness and care throughout the world.

Asthma UK is seeking the views of people who have recently had an emergency hospital admission because of their asthma. We are looking to build up a picture of the levels of care that people receive across the country and would like to learn about these experiences.

If you would like to share your experience – good, bad or indifferent – please reply to this post.

Thanks for reading!

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Would love to help and can give you a few different views of different hospitals and being traeted out of area but feel too much to post on her, would be happy for auk to contact me so could arrange other ways of giving views?

Andrea xx


Hi my daughter who is 6 was admitted on Sunday night and the care we receive varies each time.On Sunday we went straight to A & E around 9:00pm we went straight into triage done sats which were only 81 and went straight into resuss.Chloe was given a salbutamol/atrovent neb immediatley and a doctor tried to get a cannula in her arm.Chloe fought with him as she hates them. As it was handover and hometime we were then left on our own for around 35 mins whilst staff changed shifts. throughout the whole time Chloe was coughing constantly and after atrovent nebs she always vomits. I went to find someone to get a vomit bowl and there was no-one immediatley available. Throughout this time the sats monitor was constantly alarming as sats were not going above 88. Once the staff came back things moved fast and the care and treatment that was provided was excellent. I can honestly say at all other times when Chloe has had attacks and has needed ITU or emergency treatment we have always received priority on arrival at A & E. The care we receive on the wards is always superb. Overall I cannot fault the care and professionalism of anyone , staff are willing to explain treatment and care plans and are always happy to see Chloe. Although we attend A & E around every 2 weeks Chloe is usually quiet happy to go there. Nikki


have been admitted twice in last 6 months following outpatient appts to different hospitals. 1st was to Aintree - poor communication not nice atmosphere and hardley ever saw dr. had loads tests but was never told what or why. last time was admitted toi broadgreen totally different. staff super very busy but always around for you, drs communicated with patients and did ward round every day. cleaners work was checked by superviser as were ledges etc. atmosphere totally different and as plesent a time that can be had in hospital was. well done to broadgreen.


Been ummming and ahhing about whether to post, but here goes.

I’ve only been in a couple of times (in last year) so don’t really *know* hospitals. But I found the limbo-land that is MAU very, very scary.

A&E was fine, both times, straight through and given a neb, and after ABG given B2B nebs (etc). And started to feel better, better enough to get myself to the loo.

Then to the MAU and you start all over again. Once I’d been seen by chest doc I got another run of B2B nebs then 2hrly + prn. But in between, and I think it was about 10hrs both times, I think I got one neb somewhere, but otherwise was just sitting on O2 feeling myself getting tighter and tighter and back to stage where I tried to go to loo, got to end of bed and decided against.

Don’t know if this is just because my area seems very anti-neb, GPs just don’t do them and, depending on the shift, it has been very hard if not impossible to get them 2hrly as prescribed, even with me asking.

If I need to go again I would take plenty of ventolin with me!


I'm with Andrea - I'd happily give my views but is there any other way than this thread ??


I had only two admissions this winter. Oct admission with a few hours in resuss, with the usual treatment B2B nebs, IV Mag, IV Hyroquarterzone, and Oxygen etc. Nursing care and Doctors - Snr Registrar/Consultants providing me excellent level of care. I had an admission in Feb 07, where I had a jnr Doctor and left for a couple of hours on my own with asthma worsening and absolutely no monitoring. Nurse from Resuss came past my bed then chased the jnr doctor who then commenced the usual treatment, B2B Neb's, oxygen, x-rays, ABG's etc. The whole picture of care that day was poor but then the unit was inundated with many people arriving during the day.

Feb 07 stay in MAU (no-mans land) was left without neb's and it took many hours before I saw the Registrar when he re-commenced Neb's.

My stays on the wards have been excellent this winter, but I am usually stable by the time I hit the ward and can self medicate, apart from the waking first thing when my peak flows are very low.

Two points are noteworthy for me -

a. Should the ball be in my court and should I be making the Health Care Professionals aware at the time of arrival in A & E that my asthma can deteriorate quickly and is brittle?

b. As most times I hit A & E I can not talk, I need a document I can give to the Health Care Professionals with details on prev admissions, Consultants, meds etc.

After the Feb 07 admission, I did ask the question - are Jnr doctors and nursing staff aware of the nature of brittle asthma. My attacks are sudden and often difficult to resolve.


Webeditor, I think maybe allowing PM's would resolve the situation, with people not wanting to post here. Also you say recently so I assume we are talking the last couple of months or so.



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