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I had last week off college with flu like symptoms and this week i have a chesty, dry, tickely throat and when i cough it feels like i have a sore throat. My asthma has kicked in while this has been going on and i do not feel well. Is there any way i can help myself? Ive tried numerous cough mixtures, sore throat sweets (soothers) and pain killers.

My mam came in the other night and rubbed Vapor rub on my feet and neck. Apparently this helps but it hasnt worked yet? Is this true and is there anything else that wont keep me awake at night. Im tired all the time and i feel sick all the time. My chest hurts and everytime i cough it feels tight.

Feeling very ill right now. Waiting for my dad to pick me up from college because of it. Ive taken my inhaler today aboot 6 times and still nothing. My chest hurts which is unusual. People have said are you ok you look ill and i feel like an asthma attack is aboot to come on but i dont have any symptoms.??

Any suggestions?

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A hot Lemon and Honey drink (fresh lemon and a spoonful of honey), plus a couple of paracetamol tablets (if you can take them, something equivalent if not) just before you go to bed will make a big difference. Your symptoms sound like the viral chest infections I get so regularly, and this method works every time.

Kindest regards,




I've got a chest infection at the minute and am off college, so know where you're coming from. Try sleeping a bit more propped up and take your inhaler before you go to bed, it should help a bit.

Hope you feel better soon

Vicky x


coughing through nose gives me some relief

When i cough, i keep my mouth closed (and cough through my nose-its a bit messier but better for my cough) and this reduces the tickle on the irritated part of my lungs (the bit that makes me want to keep on coughing). However, this will be difficult to do when you have coughed so much already. good luck with it. I also find that a small sip of water helps to soothe irritation at the back of the throat.

Sometimes i find doing an exercise where i hold my breath on the out breath for just a few seconds (2 or 3) every 5 to 6 breaths helps to ease the cough. Much more beneficial if you can breathe through your nose but only where this doesnt cause much discomfort is it beneficial.

My own cough and my other symptoms have improved no end with a switch to nasal breathing 6 years ago.

Good Luck- hope you get some relief somewhere.

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make sure you are taking your reliever and ring your GP to see what amount you can have

You are on the same one as me but mine is stronger.your GP will also tell you to up your preventer

Ring 999 if breathing not been settled by your easyhaler 100

Lots of hugs and lots of love Glynis xxxxx



Glad you went A N E. and good luck with your oxegen mask at home xxx


hi Jade,

try Simple linctus, it is cheap and with a drop of hot water in can help with the tickling.

george xx


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