ok, so up until today i had only heard of (and used) 2 types of inhalers, the Blue and the Brown, but today i had a convasation with a friend of mine, also an asthmatic, who has a blue, brown, green and red inhalers and has heard of pink and purple!!! can someone please explain to me what all of these inhalers do and mean as i feel rather ignorant like i really should know, being an asthmatic myself!

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  • Green is a long acting reliver inhaler on its own or sometimes a combination of long acting reliver and a preventer.

    Red, pink, orange, purple are most likely all preventers. It is important to remember that colour coding is not a law but a good will of manufactures so one should check the name of the drug rather then just go by the colour of the inhaler when it comes to identifying what it is.

  • Hi

    I have orange it's ciclesonide a steroid.

    I used to have light and then dark purple they are seratide again steroids.

    The grey/clear one with the green top is atrovent a long acting inhaler.

    Truly x

  • Red and yellow and pink and green, orange and purple and blue I can sing inhalers sing inhalers... sorry got carried away there.

    I have a yellow one now!


  • whats yellow one bex?

  • Tilade (nedocromil sodium)


  • i have purple and orange. my orange is flixotide tho. think red is becloforte - soon to be phased out. anyone used to avhe the white one - intal?

  • I used to have becotide with was dark brown, then went to becloforte which was dark red, both preventers. Now on a light red and white inhaler - symbicort - which is a combined inhaler (it has a preventer and long acting reliever in 1 inhaler) and my reliever is blue (salbutamol)

    I have had the green, long acting reliever inhaler, in the past and also the light purple seratide preventer inhaler.

    Also have a vague memory of having an inhaler for a short time as a child (strangely enough my friend had the same inhaler at the same time!) I think it was yellow and white, not sure but i know it made a whiring noise when breathed in. It was a bit like a turbohaler, in that it twisted and was taken with it up right, anyone got a clue what i'm taking about, maybe shed some light on an old memory?


  • Moose - it was a spinhaler with intal in!

    I have a blue one, a purple one and an orange one... Oh a bright pink one if puffa pouches count! LOL!


  • i feel boring!!! i only have green and orange, wanted purple seritide coz i like the colour but in order to ge the kigh dose steroid would overdose on the serevent! oh and white and blue bricanyl turbohaler for rare occasions cant neb but hte it as can never breath in deepe enough to benefit, the trouble they cused discontinuing the mdi!!

    andrea xxx

  • Andrea, you could have a purple one and an orange one like me!

    I use the seretide( the purple one) as normal then top up with the flixotide 250 component in an orange one! ( could do green & orange but like my purple one! LOL)



  • Kate ive asked both docs im under that and was told no its not of any increased benefit? but would be lesss puffs wouldnt it? prob a money thing again!!!

  • Awwwww! why do I get a boring white one then. My Pulmicort Turbohaler 400 is white with a black base. I also have a bright green Serevent Accuhaler which looks like a flying saucer.

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