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Eating meals

Wish It wasnt hard to eat a meal when asthma is not good. I am puffed before during and after a meal and always think why do I bother. Going out to dinner Sunday with my folks and brother while hubby and son go to Wembley see stoke play so my folks taking me out. looking forward to it but dont want to worry my folks with a asthma attack eating a main meal as asthma not good to start with. My folks looking forward having a meal out together but going be really hard trying be normal. Love glynis x

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Hi glynis,

it's because your body needs the energy fir the digestion whilst eating, take ventolin before meal and try not to eat and talk to much at the same time? ;-) if you're really worried why not just have a little starter as your main meal and then maybe a pudding?

Enjoy, take care and hope it's goes well.

Love Lydia x



i cant eat aswell when my asthma is bad !


I also do not want to eat when my asthma is bad.


my eating always goes down the pan when asthma bad, so i just try drink as much as i can with pleny sugary drinks make up for calories ;)



Went out for that meal and went lovely, ended up having a lovely pud as well

that was massive and put the pic up on FB .

My brother whos 47 has the same pud every week so as they took me out while hubby and son went Wembley he challenged me to eat one.

Was a massive round cream sponge cake with chocolate on the top and scoops of ice cream.

Really did me good get out .

My asthma did crash again later that day to 250 but really put a smile on my face out with my family xxx


I tend to snack a lot and drink loads, full meals aren't enjoyable and are handwork, then 30 mins later I am desperate for snacks.


Trying be good and not give in to pred munchies but its hard. Had a sweet to suck and took my filling out today ggrr !


I just got a bunch of vegetables yesterday to make soup and finally had the good idea of sitting down to chop while I listened to the radio. That worked pretty well, and I got tired, but it wasn't as bad. Now I can munch on that and hummus and crackers for the rest of the week. Yeah!

I do think I will keep the chopping and sitting down in mind for next time.



although i do have a huge and i mean huge appetite, i dont really feel like eating when im quite ill and on steroids but when im even slightly better i will want to eat for england. if i stay on them any longer i will have to have a crane to lift me out of the house lol. that pud sounds lovely glynis x


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