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Test results

Im so confused at the minute now.

Lung reversable tests and had to have the full montey all of them.

When they gave me inhayler and then half hour latter did tests again and he said not change to my results with the inhayler .

Im on alot of asthma meds and my action plan working unless need pred then have it in to take.

The last consultant report said I was in the normal to high range of someone with asthma,and man today said similar results but the salbutamol given for the reverse test did nothing at all .

So anyone with info please comment as carnt have medical info ,just your stories whats next for me.

The tests themselves made me cough like last time and had keep doing them as couldnt stop coughing breathing in and also blowing out long ,was choking.

After lots of trys he left it and gave me salbutamol and not helped test results.

Glad be home and take my stuff.

love Glynis x

ps, back on pred docs orders

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How does your asthma control feel at the moment Glynis. Try and. Not worry too much as the lab technicians shouldn't discuss it. Their knowledge is usually the foundamental and with no background information on you makes it's hard to give correct results. That's where the consultant comesin. He has all the info including medicines. Therefore able to give more accurate reading of results. Sorry if this is long winded..... Sending u a hug.... Guasypoo



Thanks needed a hug x

Asthma bad it crashed saturday.

I can be fine and few hours crash quick.

IM having coughing fits followed by tight chest and probs breathing then lungs so inflamed for days.

Never seem to have good days as never get over last one before crash again ,its a visious circle .

lol Glynis xxxx


Hopefully the consultant can explain it for you. Do you have a quick appointment for the results.



HI,No it will come through the post.

Back hurts,lungs inflamed and tight and coughing.

Just glad off work at mo half term and on sick leave 2 wees more not for asthma.xxx


I'm actually thinking you should go back to your GP and say that the reversability test showed no noticeable improvement, especially were the salbutamol is concerned this could have some quite serious implications if you crash like you keep doing and it doesn't work. Points more to inflammation probably due to some for of infection rather than constriction.


hi woody-som

told them my action plan works when in action and pred when needed but yes is a shock as might have to rely on my sabutimol to keep me safe.

IM on a high one 200mg.so have 2/3 puffs at a time when needed and up to 12 puffs together as doc told me and hosp xxx


Phones my DOC,Back on pred and full action plan till test results as salbutamol not helped.

luckly dont have bad side effects to it .lol Glynis


Have they tested for anything other than asthma, like VCD or even COPD? I know that my doctor (though im sure this isn't the same for all) said that salbutomol having no effect is generally indicative of it not being asthma, as well as the pattern of the graph being something they look at. As i say though this was only what my doctor said to me, but it may be worth asking for tests for other things.

Hope it gets sorted



well i hope wind aint a side effect glynis as all im gonna say is ""never ever ever fart in a wet suit




made my sides hurt and laughed and laughed best fancy dress ever ahahaha! lol Glynis xxxx


Guss, now the email from glynis makes sense, meant 4 U haha


It's my target size for when my diet starts...... And when my prednisolone gets reduced


Gussypoo,you ok as you are.

cross your legs in that wet suit and can bounce you up and down then roll u down a hill.hahahahahaha.

Hey after all them breathing tests was full of wind and could have blown it up my self,not saying wich end hahahaha lol Glynis xxx


Sounds like a good plan. Could do with some chest physio. Can never manage to cough the muck up. .... No matter how moist my chest is


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