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throat problem

My throat feels like I have something stuck in it and happens alot and uncomfortable when I swallow.

Feels like trapped wind in my throat and if I belch it helps a little.

Not after medical information just wondering if anyone has the same problem,I think it must be all my asthma meds filling my lungs up of air and wind.

Love to here if others have the same problem.

Love Glynis

ps ( spoke to soon,been sick twice yack!)

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Hi Glynis,

For years before asthma diagnosed this year, that was my main symptom along with the coughing at the drop of a hat. Had I but known it 1980 - 2009, I'd have asked for a spirometry test instead of the ENT tests/x-rays/barium meals/etc, etc. that every doc over the last thirty years, has sent me for and which of course came back with nothing found. Its only now with asthma meds I don't have it all the time.

Sometimes stressful times bring it back even now. Like this week when I've been crossing fingers PF comes up before the last week of Xmas rushing around.

Best wishes,

GrannyMo xx


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