hope doc can pull a rabbit out of his hat or ACE up his sleeve tonight!!!!

Not been well with my asthma for a while now ,

Had few AnE Visits since xmas and walk in centre.

Had few courses of pred and on it at the moment but this time

it hasnt helped a lot and still very puffed out.

Im on pred reduction now also,3 weeks! and antibs

doc said could up my steroid inhaler when see him tonight

but then im on max meds,

welcome look what i am on from my profile and if you have any suggestions

i could ask my doc about feel free to tell me as I havent a clue now xxxxx

UPDATE- DOC sending me see specialist again and keeping me on prednisolone daily .

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  • Best of luck with your appointment. Maybe if you are soon on max meds, perhaps you should ask for a referral to a specialist? xx

  • What did doc say?

  • DOC said im on all meds he can give me for stage 4.

    Hes sending me see my resp con and told stop on oral steroids till see him.

    Doc rang this morning to collect choice and refural papers and then wait few days till they get

    paper than can ring the number on paper to book over the phone.

    Going try go work and tell them my asthma is bad and be on stand by incase need ambo etc

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