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Nasty cough

Not after medical advice but just info for auk goes down for few days.Constant coughing fits and lungs inflamed and eyes watery from coughing fits. my pf has slightly dropped from 550 to 500. my releaver stops the coughing fits for a while. Not coughing green gunk up so im taking it as its my asthm. Just curious if thats how you can tell not a cold.

Edit. asthma pf down from 550-420. Action plan to start pred at 380.

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suggest return to doctor, as this is a not good drop. is releiver working to raise PF back up? doctor might suggest prednisalone or increase in preventer inhaler. yes coughing (with or without wheeze) is sign of poor control of asthma symptoms. do you also suffer from hayfever? this has been plaguing some of us recently with the trees and some flower coming into bloom. if so it might be worth asking GP for some antihistamine. hope you start to feel better soon.

take care xx ><>


Hi, Rang my gp and got in later today.Pf dropped alot and coughing up loads of green gunk. Chest infection i think. Hope get antibs down me and got pred in if drops to 380. Hope not xxx


Glad you've managed to get Drs appointment, sounds like you definitely need it :-(

I hope you feel better soon, make sure you take it easy over the weekend.



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