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Acute Asthma

Had letter today from the hospital and said got Acute asthma and had acute asthma attack in A n E. Also asking my GP To monitor my bloods .iron was low and wants it investagating and BP and was dehydrated.Hope now get some answers waiting for alergy results and maybe the low iron to blame for lack of energy .

Edit -Thankyou anzharry for putting me straight on Acute asthma. and its just a term AnE use etc for attacks !!! so now need to post om it.

will take the letter to show my asthma nurse ans she can read what the hospital doctor has

written .

love Glynis xxx

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Acute asthma basically means an attack. On your notes etc. you'll probably see 'acute exacerbation of asthma' instead of attack if you've been treated in a&e, which can be very confusing! Acute isn't a type like mild, brittle etc. Hope you get some answers though!


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