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Not sure if got asthma

not sure if got asthma yet as results for speromatry test.

my reverse airway test showed airways did not open up hardly with the salbutamol given before

test and then re tested.

Got have heart tests and other tests to find out why so breathless.

I have the test results of reverse airway test so if any one can read what results show

would love you to pm me as dont know what is normal and abnormal.till see my con in june,by that time

would have had heart tests.

love Glynis xxxx

EDIT- please dont reply to post would not be fair of me to ask ,thanks Glynis

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Glynis, it would wrong of anyone on here to look at your results and tell you what they mean. If you are confused by them if your practice has an Asthma nurse ask her to help you or if there is a asthma nurse specialist who works with your consultant, at a push you can ask your GP although mine bless him knows less about some aspects than me :) Asthma is always reversible maybe not much but under test conditions like you had you should have seen some improvement. as you showed no improvement they are right they should be looking at other things, there are many things that mimic asthma so it might take some time but they will get there in the end.

Good luck




thank you for reply ,yes would be wrong for people to comment ,think was panicking

about the tests and results as dont know anyone at all with breathing probs.

Hope sorted soon and thanks again .

love Glynis xxxx


Hey if you dont have asthma it will be good to find out what you do have. Hope your GP can help you understand the results it is frightening when you get them and cannot understand them.

Hope they get to the bottom of your problem.



Hi Glynis, hope you are ok?? My Son went through 2 years of the consultant saying is he isnt he regarding asthma, drove us nuts. He now has severe and difficult asthma. Mine is mild or they are not sure if asthma, borderline yet I'm on treble my normal preventer and have just had oral steroids upped, blue inhaler every 4 hours and a neb am and pm, yum!!

Take care

Love kate xxx


Thanks Rattles,

I get breathless quick and now dont get many good days,my asthma meds do help with 12 hour preventers and alot of reliever but not alot of relief.

ITs just all the waiting and not knowing,wish could afford go private but just got wait.

Have heart tests middle of April and see my con middle of june.Hope they tell me what heart test says or will be another 2 month not knowing.

They not ruling Asthma out but need investigations done xxx


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